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Building your Royal Paladin Deck (Booster Set 1 Descent of the King of Knights)

OK you have your Buster Blade Trial Deck. You've played some and decide that the Royal Paladins are the right clan for you.

At this point you have determined that you want to take on some more dynamic play styles and open up your game to develop some win conditions. Enter the first set of Boosters: Descent of the King of Knights.

In this set you have 15 Royal Paladin, 15 Kagero, 13 Oracle Think Tank, 13 Nova Grapplers and 4 of the rest. Meaning after this booster you have 4 viable clans you can play that have competitive support. We will for the sake of this thread pretend like Set 2 isn't out yet and just look at the cards available in set 1 to expand on your RP deck. I will have a follow up post to this one that will cover set 2.

There actually is something nice in doing this this way and I encourage everyone to watch the anime to see how the deck develops there as well there is a nice mirroring that goes on in the cards and in the show

Card List:
Set Num.


Now to get into some of the cards and how they may or may not effect your trial deck

First the Grade 0
Right of the bat we can see that with the exception of Llew and Barcgal we already have 4 of each of the grade 0 trigger cards so lets ignore them.

[AUTO]: When another <Royal Paladin> rides this unit, you may call this card to (RC).
[ACT](RC): [Rest this unit] Search your deck for up to one card named "Future Knight, Llew" or "Flogal", call it to (RC), and shuffle your deck.

Barcgal... This is the guy will probably be the first single you buy if your ok making an real $$$ investment in this deck (or pray you pull in a booster). He is a Triple Rare. Its true that he is no longer allowed as starting vanguard in OCG sanctioned play but that was not until set 3 (set 2 introduced Soul Savior Dragon which this card basically gets 5 cards ready to ride for turn 3) 

Here is how he will be used the most. (or if your not a RP player what you need to stop)

- Set him as starting vanguard

- Turn 1 ride him with a level 1 and call him with his effect to your back row rearguard (I like the left or right spot. Do not call him to front rear guard we don't want him attacked and since you will be resting him for his effect not boosting the spot behind your vanguard isn't optimal.

-  Now rest Barcgal and call a Flogal or Llew from your deck to a rear guard spot with his effect. My preference is always Flogal since he is a 5000 attack rather than Llews 4000 so I can boost my vanguard.  I also like to leave as many Criticals in the deck just in case.

- Opponents turn take 1 damage for Llews effect

- Draw a card, don't ride, and rest Barcgal to call a Llew from the deck with his effect. I say this because if you use LLews effect next you will have a grade 2 and all 3 pieces for his effect, this maintains hand advantage by keeping a grade 2 in hand which may have a guard value of 5000 or be able to be called to a RG for more attacking/intercepting. And by saving a Llew or a Flogal that you may have drawn into saves a 10k guard in your hand.

- Pay Llews counter blast cost and send Flogal, Barcgal and Llew to the soul and Superior Ride a Blaster Blade from your deck. (note that you can only superior ride with Llew's effect if your vanguard is a grade 1, even if your vanguard is a grade 2 or 3 you can still use the effect so send the cards to the soul even if you can not ride the Blaster Blade, this will be useful after set 2)

As of September 5th, 2011, Barcgal is no longer able to be used as the starting Vanguard. However, you may still use him as a normal unit for the deck. (up to 4)
Speculation has been made that Bushiroad intends to keep the ruling for Barcgal the same in all versions of Cardfight!! Vanguard, however a recent letter to distributors in the UK has said that Barcgal is still a valid starter until further notice.

[ACT](RC): [Counter-Blast 1 & Choose a unit named "Future Knight, Llew", a unit named "Barcgal", and a unit named "Flogal" from your (RC), and put them into your soul] If you have a Grade 1 Vanguard, search your deck for up to one card named "Blaster Blade", ride it, and shuffle your deck.
Future Knight Llew... Whats a dog with out his boy (even if that dog is mechanical and swings a sword around with his mouth) Future Knight Llew will be the card you hate to spend money on. Because honesty you wouldn't run him if not for the Barcgal combo above unless you are going for a Crit trigger heavy build. You can squeak by with just one but 2 is best incase you flip one for damage or draw into one. He is a Double Rare

If you are on a budget bypass the Barcgal and Llew to focus on other cards.

So on to the Grade 1s

Good news here is that you already have 4 Little Sage Marrons, and another great card for the deck is a common so an easy one to trade for or pull out of a booster. Lake Maiden, Lien...

[ACT](VC/RC): [Rest this unit & Choose a card from your hand, and discard it] Draw a card.
Lake Maiden, Lien is the clans way out of dead cards in hand while still being a decent booster which her 7k attack. Many will replace Knight of Rose Morgana with this card.

***Tips and Tricks- Lien is a great card to ride with if you go first. Since you can't attack first turn you can rest her to dump a not needed card or to go after something you didn't get after you took your mulligan. If you end up getting a King of Knights, Alfred, you will find that she is a great one to place behind him in the RG center back position. Since Alfred can't be boosted you can still rest Lien for her effect.

This is where the party ends however for our budget friendly grade 1s in steps Flash Shield, Iseult the grade 1 double rare

[AUTO]: [Choose a <Royal Paladin> card from your hand, and discard it] When this unit is placed on (GC), you may pay the cost. If you do, your <Royal Paladin> cannot be hit until end of that battle.

Flash Shield, Iseult is what is called a perfect guard meaning that if you really need a attack to not hit then you send this card to the guard circle, pay the discard cost and then watch them cry as they flip 2 crit triggers. At first glance you may be thinking 2 cards is 2 cards... I could just guard with 2 10k shields and do the same thing. well not always true there will be times you are tossing 3 cards and intercepting and they can still break through then the triggers ugggg if your sitting on 5 damage they got 1 attack left thats coming in in the upper 20k area believe me you will be glad to have this card.
run as many as you got at this time but in most builds she is good at 2

Thats it for the 1s now grade 2

Come on you know you gotta max out your Blaster Blades even with your Llew/Barcgal tricks, and Gancelots searching ability consistency says you need 4 at this time, future sets come out and this number can go down but for this first set + TD01 your gonna want to pick up 3 more since you got one with the Trial.

AUTO]: [Counter-Blast 2] When this unit is placed on (VC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose an opponent's rear-guard, and retire it.
[AUTO]: [Counter-Blast 2] When this unit is placed on (RC), if you have a <Royal Paladin> Vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose an opponent's grade 2 or greater rear-guard, and retire it.

Whats not to like with the blade.... Um his counter cost. 2 damage to flip can add up especially if you have ambitions of using Llews effect to get the blade out, or if you want to use some of the grade 3 effects that use Counters. But with that said the ability to knock out a RG that may be an issue effect wise, strength wise or because you don't wanna get intercepted is huge. He feeds Gancelots other effect as well and gets a nice health boost from wingal but I mentioned all this before in the thread about the trial pack

Last but not least the Grade 3s 
Here is another place where your pocketbook is gonna get hit, because Im not a huge fan of the grade 3s that come in the trial. Theres nothing horrible about em, they just don't play into the RP clan the way some of the other that come in the booster do.

[CONT](VC): Your units cannot boost this unit.
[CONT](VC): During your turn, this unit gets [Power] +2000 for each of your <Royal Paladin> rear-guards.
[ACT](VC/RC): [Counter-Blast 3] Search your deck for up to one grade 2 or less <Royal Paladin>, call it to (RC), and shuffle your deck.
First up is first grade 3 that Aichi got in that mysterious card shop and a triple rare to boot. King of Knights, Alfred. Im a big KKA fan but.... but... (I say this hesitantly.... he only reaches 20k on his best day. Your gonna be seeing a lot of Kagero decks that will have a grade 3 11000 that will guard with a 10k Shield. I digress because honestly 20k is still huge for the only condition being that he is the vanguard and have the appropriate RG slots populated with RPs. At this stage of things 4 is great but since you will end up reducing his numbers for future sets the frugal player doesn't have to be so ambitious

[AUTO](VC): At the beginning of your main phase, [Soul-Chage 1], and this unit gets [Power] +2000 until end of turn.
[AUTO](VC/RC): [Soul-Blast 8 & Counter-Blast 5] When this unit's attack hits, you may pay the cost. If you do, retire all of your opponent's rear-guards.

Surprisingly Demon Slaying Knight, Lohengrin is inexpensive despite his double rare status. He has some cool effects to boot and a 10k attack. The +2000 is sooooooo easy letting you hit those magic numbers of 10k and 21k like nobody's business. His second effect is a little tougher. 8 soul is easy if your running a barcgal/Llew combo, he should sit at 5 when he rides the blade (6 when he boosts himself) sadly though unless you flip a heal trigger his 5 counter blasts is gonna be tough. since 5+ Llew's 1 = 6 and 6 =  you lose. So in most future build he finds his way out of the deck but for now the 12k attack thing is the best you got until future sets after the first.

***Tips and tricks- In future builds you will be able to use his soul effect to prep for a Soul Savior Dragon who needs 5 when he rides. The Soul effect will also power up Great Sage Baron and Young Pegasus Knight. Also if you really dig using his second effect as well as Llew's and Blaster Blader's then maybe try to tech in a Mr. Invincible from the Nova Grappler clan his effect can easily flip damage counters back up while increasing your should for a Soul Savior Dragon ride.


So there ya go set 1 Royal Paladins... Hope it helped some. Next up for the Paladins be fore I start posting builds will be the same kind of post but for set 2. So stay tuned

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