Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pure Dragunity- Final Build (for now)

K after testing... the big dragons w swords are out. This will be my competitive that I'll be running this format unless something really changes. Seven tools address more though the compulsories/trap stuns etc worked good too (Bribe had to much of a cost), CoC at 2 is where Ill keep it due to only 5 targets and future fusion, Oppression has tested beyond good in most match ups so it earned a spot on the main. I like inferno too much not to run it though it eats up a spot in my main and in my extra. Malefic gives me avenue to Trident or else he wouldn't have earned that spot on his own. Im glad I can finally set the deck down for a bit not feeling like its still incomplete.

II Dragunity Aklys 
III Dragunity Dux 
III Dragunity Legionaire
III Dragunity Phalanx
II Effect Veiler 
I Malefic Stardust Dragon

I Book of Moon 
II Card of Consonance
I Dark Hole  
III Dragons Ravine 
I Future Fusion
I Giant Trunade
I Inferno Reckless Summon 
II Mystical Space Typhoon 
I Monster Reborn 
II Pot of Avarice 
III Terraforming 

I Icarus Attack 
I Mirror Force 
I Royal OppressionII Seven Tools of the Bandit 
I Solemn Judgment 
II Solemn Warning 
I Torrential Tribute  


I Ally of Justice Catastor I Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier 
III Dragunity Knight Vajrayana
I Dragunity Knight Gae Dearg
I Five-Headed Dragon
I Red Dragon Archfiend
I Red Nova DragonI Scrap Dragon 
II Stardust Dragon I T.G. Hyper Librarian (BRD for now)
I Trident Dragon 
I Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Card Review: Leyvaten vs Mystletain

Give 2 big dragons 2 big swords and what do you expect. Ish is gonna pop off!!
Ok I realized in looking back Ive been in dragunity madness here and need to diversify some posts but for now Im feeling over sharey of what Im working on. Right now Im weighing the pros and cons of the 2 big sword wheeling dragons above.

When I first started working with the archetype I think I was lulled in to Leyva, dude is big an bad comes out fast and gets you Trident dragon like nobodies biz. Myst suffered from ATK envy. How ever Im now reconsidering.

- (Phlanx + Grave) x (Leyva + Summoned) = Trident Dragon
- 2600 ATK
- Equipped with brandistock, 5200 off the LP
- Can be dumped with Ravine or Future Fusion so that he can wait there for the right moment  when you know you got game.

-the fastest way to a level 8 synchro (Summon phalanx, special Myst, bring back phalanx, SS Phalanx, synch for level 8) and makes not drawing into Dux or having a Ravine in play a lot better
- doesn't remove from play to summon.
- Cleans up your mess, if you have a weak dragunity sitting out there (just did a Aklys Legionnaire play and your stuck with a 1200 ATK just beggin to be smacked,  bam 2100 at your service.

- pains me to remove the monsters to summon him (honestly though most of the time I go to bring him out its to put the final nail in. so this isnt that big a deal)
- Can be a dead draw (slimming from 2 to 1 helped this out but still it mocks me sometimes)

- 2100 is not as good as 2600

Well for now Im gonna say bye bye to leyva and test Myst at 2 to see how it goes. Im gonna bring card of consonance down to 2 as well. With future fusion Ive seen some die in my hand and Im only running 5 targets currently. Still going back and forth over the 2 Forbidden Lance spots. Testing trap stun, 7 tools and D. Prisons (lol Ive even tested Stardust Shimmer which is pretty fun as is battle waltz who lets me keep my stardust out and still go into Trident dragon)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deck Review: Reckless Dragunity

Ok I was asked by a couple for my current Dragunity deck list and was really hesitant to post it because its still testing a lot of stuff out. But I thought it may be cool to post it so you can see its evolution.

Im a combo guy which can at times make for bad Yugio which really operates of of the K.I.S.S. philosophy (keep it simple stupid), but there is something satisfying for me in complexity. I've been mucking around with that comboism philosophy a bit in the dragunity deck.

At first I ran the deck very conservatively, first turn Stardust with back rows & using Icarus attack, legionnaire and aklys combos alot but soon needed to add more offensive strategies to the deck and realized my wing-beast rarely stuck around to justify deck space for the icarus in the main, from there I  kinda focused on the Ley La Loop a lot but got really tired of the whole field getting nuked from LaDD and mudderfugginbrionaccompulsorybullshit.

So in this build Im much more offensive focused and really going for maximum boss monster presence. Namely Trident Dragon, Red Nova Dragon and Five Headed Dragon and using IRS plays.

II -  Dragunity Aklys - I go back and forh with him at 2 or 3 both work but I may go for a brandystock before adding a 3rd Aklys

I - Dragunity Arma Leyvaten- He is good for my trident dragon plays, can use with future fusion, can be reborned for trident aswell. I was hot on this card but not so much now

III - Dragunity Dux - Id question any deck that run him in less than 3

III - Dragunity Legionnaire - Same as dux but if one had to go to 2 it would be legionnaire though I dont see that happening

III - Dragunity Phalanx - 3 nuff said

II - Effect Veiler - I was running in the side but too many times did I say "I wish I had Veiler" been happy at 2 so I dont see that changing all that much

I - Morphing Jar - Im not really a huge fan so really kept him in the side, but mostly I think its because I test this deck so much against 6 sams. With the way this format is shaping up I may pull him out again this is an iffy card at the moment. May be taking up valuable deck space

I - Malefic Stardust Dragon - There is lest cost to me to get at Trident Dragon this way since I run Stardust at 2 then the removal of 2 dragunities to Special Leyvaten. His protection is good too.

III - Cards of Consonance - Almost never a dead draw (excepting not having a Dragon Ravine or I draw into multiples)

III - Dragon Ravine - key card if I have one out I can always pitch it for the in play ones effect

I - Dark Hole - Staple

I - Forbidden Lance -   I run 1, Ive had it in and out of the deck but ultimately it works pretty go to support all my plays. Considered it at 2 but may run a Book of Moon before I make lance at 2

I - Future Fusion - Really sets up my grave nicely and applies pressure all in the same turn I love watching people waste resources with this card

I - Giant Trunade - Staple

II - Inferno Reckless Summon - I love how easy this card lets me get into  Red Nova but even with out that there are a lot of other plays you can go for with 3 Planxes out.

I - Monster Reborn - Staple or instant Trident Dragon with the proper grave set up

II - Mystical Space Typhoon - Im not a huge fan of the card but there are a couple of cards that can really stop this deck that MST is the best solution for.

I - Pot of Avarice - Meeting the requirement is no biggy and the fact that this deck can deplete a hand like crazy make POA have great synergy with the deck (even with 3 terraforming and 3 Dragon Ravine its still possible to not draw into one) the draw power can be a game saver. Whether this card is a luxury or a necessity though I cant say yet

II - Bottomless Trap Hole
I - Mirror Force
I - Solemn Judgement
II- Solemn Warning
I - Torrential Tribute
I - Trap Stun - this card is a floater, I'll either make space for more, swap for 7 tools or make room for more lances or a book of moon with it

Thursday, March 17, 2011

News: Exceed Monsters

Ok if you are Japanese or can read japanese you can go here to read all about Exceed summoning which looks to change the face of yugioh like how synchros did.

If your not Japanese then you can run it through the Google translator and a bunch of quasi english pops out Im going to somewhat try to make sense of it but my disclamer is that the translator can act buggy and I may get some things wrong

Ekushizu material Exceed Material
As the material in order to summon monsters Ekushizu.
If Ekushizu summon monsters overlaid material is vertically below the Ekushizumonsuta sending of the cemetery.
When an Exceed is summoned the material monsters are overlaid on top of each other directly/vertically below the Exceed monster rather than being sent to the Graveyard

Ekushizu materials to be used behind the monster and not Monsutatokun.
Hmmmmm does monsutatokun mean monster token? if so then Tokens cant be used 

On the other hand, monsters can be used to trap Ekushizu material.
Not sure but I think this means that trap monsters can be used as Exceed material

Ekushizu treated as material because the cards on the field, "Blake Thunder" is not subject to such effects.
I think "Blake Thunder" is Thunder Break or in the TCG Raigiki Break so they are saying that the Material monsters are not considered to be on the field? so they are not subject to the effects of cards like Raigiki Break

In addition, if material is removed because it is not treated Ekushizu sent to the Graveyard from the field, "critters" and other effects can not be activated. (11/03/17)
Not sure here, after research I think "critter" refers to sangan so since the material is not considered to be on the field if sangan goes to the grave after being a material for an Exceed then his effect can not be activated (or any that activate from going from field to grave)

In the original anime -
In ZEXAL cartoon, two bodies with the same level of monster "shark dive Aero aircraft" had been summoned by the Ekushizumonsuta Ekushizu others.
The material things that Ekushizu "overlay" was called.

- The card has an effect on the material Ekushizu

"Viron Dishiguma"
"No.17 Ribaisu Dragon"
"No.39 Imperial Hope Hope"

Fusion Material
Synchro Material
Ekushizu summons
The official glossary
No clue, these are all links that may be cards that can effect Exceed materials but I have no clue and I dont feel like translating all those pages. I you do PM me and Ill update this part


Q: What materials can be used to show monsters Ekushizu back?
A: No, no. (11/03/17)
If we read "back" to mean the back of the card, or face down? then if a card is set then it cant be used as material to summon an Exceed

Q: If sent to the Graveyard and the effect is destroyed by battle Ekushizumonsuta, material Ekushizu what happens?
A: If you leave the field Ekushizumonsuta, Ekushizu material will be sent to the graveyard. (11/03/17)
I think this specifies that the material monsters go to the grave when the Exceed is destroyed by effect or battle

Q: Ekushizumonsuta intended that on the field, "Subspace material transfer device," If you invoke or material will be removed from the game were repeated Ekushizu?
A: In this case, material is sent to the cemetery Ekushizu last one on the field.(11/03/17)
Subspace material transfer device=Interdimensional Matter Transporter. so if they remove the Exceed from play then the materials go to the grave

Q: Ekushizumonsuta targeted on the field to "escape mechanisms" force when invoked, or even return to the hand was stacked material Ekushizu?
A: In this case, material is sent to the Graveyard Ekushizu returning to the hand.(11/03/17)
"escape mechanisms" = Compulsory evacuation device so if they compulse your exceed then the materials go to the grave as well
Q: Ekushizumonsuta targeted face-up on the field that exists in the "Book of the Month" If you invoke or material will be displayed Ekushizu back?
A: In this case, the field will continue to live Ekushizu material.
In addition, it will not show back Ekushizu material. (11/03/17)
LOL if they book of moon your exceed the materials stick around (I like this)

Q: "macrocosm" and "flash outcast" if you leave the field when there is Ekushizumonsuta, Ekushizu or material will be removed?
A: Yes, it is excluded. (11/03/17)
Hmmmmm I think flash outcast is banisher of the radiance so this may mean that if cards like him or macrocosmos are on the field and the Exceed leaves the field then the materials get removed as well

Q: "Rip dimension" if you leave the field when there is Ekushizumonsuta, Ekushizu or material will be removed?
A: No, not excluded. (11/03/17)
Rip Dimension = Dimensional Fissure so this means that if D Fissure is in play and a Exceed leaves the field then the material goes to the grave not removed. (very interesting they must cease to be considered monsters when made into material since fissure only effects monsters)

Q: Ekushizumonsuta targeted face-up on the field that exists in the "mental manipulation" If you invoke, or move any control over Ekushizu material?
A: Yes, materials are still piled in Ekushizumonsuta Ekushizu, and moves on opponent's field. (11/03/17)
(Talk about sticking by your man) If I read this right then if your Exceed gets Mind Controled then the materials go with him TO YOUR OPPONANTS SIDE. So what if they have no room in the back row can they not use mind control?

Q: I have Ekushizumonsuta "Sukirudorein" If you had the effect of such material is Ekushizu what happens?
A: repeated stays. (11/03/17)
Sukirudorein = Skill Drain so skill drain does not effect the materials being attatched to the Exceed

Q: Special Summoned from the graveyard onto the field by virtue of their "" Zonbikyaria "" The time will be excluded from the game apart from the field, this "" Zonbikyaria "" Ekushizu Ekushizu when summoned to How can I use as a material?
If the material can be used as Ekushizu If this "" Zonbikyaria "" will remain on the field you want to continue? Or will I get removed from play?
A: Special Summoned from the graveyard onto the field by virtue of their "" Zonbikyaria "" to use it as a time of summons Ekushizu Ekushizu material is allowed.
Also, "" Zonbikyaria "" When used as a Ekushizu material, not as a monster card, will be treated as a material for Ekushizu continue to remain on the field is not excluded from the game.
In the case apart from the field Ekushizumonsuta was used as a material Ekushizu "" Zonbikyaria "" will be sent to the graveyard. (11/03/17)
To make this short You can use plague spreader Zombie as a material after using his effect. When you do he returns to the grave not gets removed from play. This makes plague very abuseable with exceeds

Q: as a material that exists on the Monsutakadozon Ekushizu "critters" If sent to the Graveyard, the effect of fires or search?
A: The material used to summon Ekushizu Ekushizu not handle a card on the field.
So in this case, the effect is not activated. (11/03/17)
So Sangan as a material being sent to the grave can not trigger his effect because the material monsters are not considered to be on the field
Q: as a material that exists on the Monsutakadozon Ekushizu "Dandelion" has been sent to the Graveyard, the effect is what fires?
A: Yes, it is used. (11/03/17)
Dandylion does get his effect because he does not specify from the field

Q: Ekushizu material exists as a "Cyber ​​Dragon" to the machine group and "Dragon Fortress Kimeratekku" What materials can be sent to the Graveyard as a fusion?
A: No, no. (11/03/17)
If a machine is a material and Cyber Dragon is summoned you can not summon Chimeratech Fortress Dragon because the material monsters are not considered to be on the field

Q: When there is material on the field Ekushizu Ekushizumonsuta and his opponent, "" machine gun trained "" to invoke.
In this case, the number of Ekushizu material, "" machine gun trained, "" in the other hand the total number of cards on the field or the other] are included?
A: When there is material on the field Ekushizu Ekushizumonsuta and his opponent, "" machine gun trained, "" Even if you invoke, Ekushizu material, see the total number on the card and the other hand opponent Not included]. (11/03/17)
Im thinking this reinforces the fact that material monsters are not considered to be on the field so that effects from cards like Secret Barrel do not apply to them

Its alway crazy reading about these things in the OCG half the time things change or get lost in translations but its good to keep a pulse on the direction of the game. Here are some of the Exceeds that were announced

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Combos: Mind of Exodia FTK/OTK

Master mind is seeing a lot of play lately and will soon be exploding with the new psychics that we are gonna see in EXVC. But really why you are seeing Master Mind in this post is gonna be for the same reason why your gonna hate seeing Master Mind being played once the Gusta's come out.

In all honesty Mind Master  could do with a banning because he is hyjinx, super-sized with a baked apple pie. (or Shamrock Shake, I love me some shamrock shake) The FTK is easy and consistant

Heres how the Mind of Exodia FTK/OTK works:

1. Play Mind Master, Brain Research and a Caam, serenity of Gusto (or a psychic)

2. You can put a counter on Brain Research and Tribute the Caam, serenity of Gusto, to Special Summon Caam, serenity of Gusto from your Deck and not pay the 800 cost. Repeat this till you have 2 Caams in the grave and with the 3rd on the field use her effect to return the 2 Caams and draw a card.

3. Repeat step 2 until you draw Exodia and yell "YUGIOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

Wind | Psychic | Lvl 4 | 1700/1100
"Once per turn, you can select and return 2 "Gusto" monsters from your Graveyard to the Deck to draw 1 card."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Non-Dragunity cards for your Dragunity Deck (The Remix)

Jason Grabher-Meyer wrote an article over on Konami's blog about non-dragunity cards for your Dragunity Deck. It was a good article that went over some draw power (Pot of Avarice, Pot of Duality & Card of Consonance). Some stun cards (Forbidden Lance, Effect Veiler & Enemy Controller) and some more (Icarus Attack, PhoenixWing Wind Blast and Divine Wrath)

Some good choices and some player preference. Im going to go over a couple more that are worth peeking at. I do not recommend using all of these cards, nor some, nor any these cards (except terraforming) they are just some cards that can have good synergy and may fit your play style. 

In a deck that can run foolish and Ravine, Dandy can put in work by not only giving you access to Trishula and BRD but he's a nifty guy to send to the grave when you have Trident Dragon out

Level Eater 
Helps to get those level 7s, gives you fodder for Scrap, works with Trident Dragon

Light and Darkness Dragon 
In all actuality your get him in the grave by discarding from the hand or from the deck via Ravine. His value is to equip him to Layvaten for the LeyLa Loop

Malefic Stardust Dragon 
When you run 3 terraforming and 3 Ravines needless to say your field spell is key to your win condition. Since you probably will be running multiples of stardust he cant hurt, if anything he can help you grab for Trident dragon.

Morphing Jar
Look no doubt about it your gonna struggle with hand advantage and this card can plus you like crazy. But you are gonna have to way the pros and cons though in certain match ups. If you get so focused on setting, flipping and dumping your tuners with Jar you may really regret giving that 6 Sams player a fresh hand.

Necro Gardna
Remove from play this card from your Graveyard to negate 1attack this turn from a monster your opponent controls.

Your going to do a lot of pitching with Ravine one of these guys can definitely come in handy. I dont run him because Id rather get a dragon tuner in there but he's worth testing

Volcanic Shell
One of the problems with the deck is hand advantage. There is nothing worse than not having a Ravine in play and topdecking a ravine, or having to ravine a card you want. Shell gets you that card in hand to use with ravine. I don't run it because I couldn't find the space but volcanic builds can play rather well.

Future Fusion
Card is bad@$$. It may not be essential,with all the other ways to get 'ish in your grave, but man does it speed up the deck, not to mention wastes opponent resources out of five headed fear.

Inferno Reckless Summon
This one is interesting heres the effect in case you dont know.
 "You can only activate this card when 1 monster with an ATK of 1500 points or less is Special Summoned to your side of the fieldwhile there is a face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field.Special Summon all cards with the same name as the Summoned monster from your hand, Deck, and Graveyard in face-up Attack Position. Your opponent selects 1 monster on their side of the field and Special Summons all cards with that same name from their hand, Deck, and Graveyard."

So to put this in perspective-
 Summon Dux | Equip Phlanx | Special Phalanx | IRS Phlanx | Then stair step (Dux+Phlanx=Vajrayana (equip then special the Phlanx) | Vaj+Phlanx=Red Dragon| Red Dragon+Phlanx+Phlanx= Red Nova Dragon. 5000 ATK min. up to 7000 if you run 3 aklys and 1 Brandistock (recommend future fusion here if you wanna go for 7000)

Release Restraint Wave
"Select 1 face-up Equip Spell Card you control. Destroy it and all SetSpell and Trap Cards your opponent controls."
YES!!!! you read it correctly and yes the equipped monsters count. If there is a pesky non-set back row then pop Aklys and utilizes his effect. BTW you gotta love that the card has a samurai on it LOL

Run 3, run 3 run 3.... BTW run 3! With Ravine there are no dead draws. It gets you a ravine, thins your deck and worst case you ravine it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Combos: Trishula's Dojo

In this combo we will go over how to gain infinite Bushido Counters and summon Trishula an infinite amount of times

With Shien's Dojo and Gateway in play summon Mizuho. Add your counters
Special Summon Shinai. Add your counters 
Remove Counters to get a Mizuho
Special summon Mizuho and get your counters
Tribute Shinai 4 Mizuho's effect, destroying herself. Bring Mizuho back 2 the hand with Shinai's effect. 
Remove Counter to bring Shinai to the hand 
Special Mizuho and Shinai get your counters. 
Repeat an infinite amt. of times. Then remove counters to summon a gajillion Sams from your deck
Special Grandmaster,  then send Shien's Dojo to the grave to special Shien's Spy
Synch for Brionac (Grandmaster+Spy)
Use Mizuho's effect on Shinai To make way for Grand Master and Spy (GM 4 counters to hand then special. Spy 6 counter to special)
Synch for Trishula (GM+Spy+Mizuho) let Trishula do his thing. The bounce him with Brionac
Bring back a level 3 Sam (alternate Shinais and Mizuhos so you can special them to the field) + Grand Master + Spy = Trishula. Rinse and Repeat till thier hand, grave and field is devastated then synch into enough monsters to give you game. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to Frog Fish: Combo #1 Colossal Arm OTK

Trunade the field. Summon SDKC. Pitch for his effect to summon your 2x Fishborg & 2x Oyster Meister
Synch fish#1 w/ Oyster#1 for Armory Arm. Summon your oyster token
Synch your token with fish#2 for a Formula Synchron and draw your card
Pitch a card to special summon back a fishborg, to Tune w/ SDKC for a Colossal Fighter 
Pitch a card to special summon back a Fishborg, to tune with Oyster for a 2nd Armory Arm. Get your token.
Equip both Arms to your opponents monster with over 800 ATK and proceed to Colossal Arm OTK your opponent.

***Remember don't go for the Colossal Arm if you don't have a clear shot, wait for that trunade or protect yourself against those back rows. If you think that they have an Effect Veiler, bring out a fishborg from the grave first before you summon SDKC so that you can negate the veiler.

BTW...  If they have out a monster with over 1800 ATK then you don't need the 2nd Arm. But do yourself a favor and always check the graveyards for warriors that can alter the attack of your Colossal.

Friday, March 11, 2011

New Set ≈ Structure Deck: Dragunity Legion

The New Structure Deck: Dragunity Legion came out 2 days ago and I finally Picked one up (well 3 actually LOL) I gotta say they are a blast to play.  If your looking to run the deck I wanted to show you a quick way to do it, utilizing as much of the included cards as possible.

This may or not be the best build, but its a good core to work with that utilizes a good chunk of the structure deck. After the list I put some combos and the list Im currently working with

I highlighted the cards that come in the structure deck which is about half the deck. The biggest issues your gonna hit besides having to find the dragunity synchros will be Phlanx who is not in the structure deck, and IMO essential. The other key synchros would be Scrap, Stardust and Trident Dragon

II Dragunity Arma Leyvaten
I Dragunity Arma Mystletainn
II Dragunity Aklys
III Dragunity Dux
III Dragunity Legionnaire
I Dragunity Brandistock
III Dragunity Phalanx

III Dragon Ravine

I Book of Moon
III Cards of Consonance
I Dark Hole
I Giant Trunade
I Monster Reborn
I Pot of Avarice
III Terraforming

TRAPS (10)
I Mirror Force
II Bottomless Trap Hole
I Icarus Attack

II Solemn Warning
I Solemn Judgement
II Compulsory Evacuation Device
I Torrential Tribute

EXTRA (15)
I Ally of Justice Catastor
I Black Rose Dragon
I Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
I Dragunity Knight - Gae Dearg
III Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana
I Five Headed Dragon
I Mist Wurm
I Red Dragon Archfiend
I Scrap Dragon
II Stardust Dragon
II Trident Dragion
I Vortex the Whirlwind

Its a pretty straight forward build and a good starting point for those looking to buy the structure deck and start playing.

Here are some of the basic combos to look out for:
  • Legionnaire equipped w/ Aklys: Destroy 1 Monster and 1 Card (chain Icarus attack to desroy 2 more)
  • Mystletainn equipped w/ Brandistock: 2100 dual attacker (Dux+Brandi = 1900 x 2 )
  • Using Aklys to summon causes the summoned monster's effect to miss timing but leaves no opportunity to be bottomlessed, torrentialed etc. (gets your Leyvaten out safely)
  • Vajrayana equipped w/ Aklys: 3800ATK and destroy one card
  • Ravine can dump Leyvaten in the grave 
  • Leyvaten tunes with  Phalanx to make Trident Dragion 
  • When looking to make synchros consider equipping Brandistock instead it can be less risky and deal more damage at times
  • Scrap Dragon's effect using Aklys means destroy 2 cards
To help you remember I modified the Dragunity play mat that comes with the deck with some helpful tips
Lehigh Dulelist's Dragunity mat for dummies

Ley La Loop
LaDD is a great tech card in this deck but not for the regular reasons since you probably wont summon him. Decks that run more than 1 Leyvaten can look to dump LaDD via Ravine. Then summon Leyvaten equipping LaDD to him. Now If either are destroyed then LaDD's effect activates in the grave whiping your field but letting you special your Leyvaten back. Rinse and repeat till your opponant wants to bash your skull in. 

I like this combo which will show in my current build below that Im testing now. Im still fine tuning 

II Dragunity Arma Leyvaten
II Dragunity Aklys
III Dragunity Dux
III Dragunity Legionnaire
I Dragunity Brandistock
III Dragunity Phalanx
I Light and Darkness Dragon
I Effect Veiler
I Morphing Jar

III Dragon Ravine
I Book of Moon
III Cards of Consonance
I Dark Hole
I Future Fusion
I Giant Trunade
I Monster Reborn
I Pot of Avarice
III Terraforming

TRAPS (10)
I Mirror Force
II Bottomless Trap Hole
I Call of the Haunted
II Solemn Warning
I Solemn Judgement
I Torrential Tribute

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deck Review: K.M.P (Karakuri Machine Plants)

After working with Karakuris some I began running a Salvo build and quickly realized that speed and consistency was sorely lacking even though the Machine Duplication OTK was cool as H3ll.

While I was looking at some of the Machina builds I realized that all I wanted to do was get out a bunch of Karakuri (KK) synchros as fast and as consistently as possible. To do this first you have to look at the KK synchros

Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei” (aka Rei)
Earth | 7 stars | Machine | Synchro | ATK/ 2600 | DEF/1900
1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner Machine-Type monsters
(Trigger) When this card is Synchro Summoned, you can Special Summon 1 "Karakuri" monster from your Deck. 
(Ignition) Once per turn, you can select 1 monster on the field, and change its battle position.

Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X "Bureido" (aka Burrito LOL) 
Earth | 8 stars | Machine | Synchro | ATK/ 2800 | DEF/1700
1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner Machine-Type monsters
(Trigger) When this card is Synchro Summoned, you can Special Summon 1 "Karakuri" monster from your Deck. 
(Ignition) Once per turn, when the battle position of a face-up "Karakuri" monster you control is changed,draw 1 card.

So for our build we are going to focus on-
1.) Getting these guys out (7&8 Stars with a non tuner machine) 
2.) Utilizing the trigger effects to grab more KK synchros 
3.) Utilizing the Ignition effects for hand advantage

Lets look at the cards that can get em out. Im going to leave of talking about the KK tuners for a moment. If speed is our goal we want special summons or at least good search ability. 

Spore and Glow Up Bulb do the trick especially when comboed with one for one and Lonefire. Being one stars that can return for one more syncro it makes going from Rei to Burrito a cinch. And if you remove a bulb for spore spore is a 2 if you remove lonefire he's a 4. So with the plant tuners alone we need some level 4-6 special summonable machine type monsters.

Machina Fortress is an easy choice, searchable with gearframe and easily specialed with the machine line up in the deck. 7+1=Burrito

Cyber Dragon should make an appearance regardless so you dont get Chimerateched but a special summoned 5 means you can remove Glow Up for a level 2 spore and synch for Rei, But even more consistent is Formula Synchron. (well heck if your gonna run lonefire, spore, GUB toss that dandylion in there and feel the token love, Foolish Burial makes sense in the deck anyways so let your plants represent)

Speaking of SSable level 5s can you think of any other? How about our celebrated reptilian Samus Aran impersonator, Cyber Saurus. Who???

This Guy!!!!

Well how are we gonna make him? Instant Fusion. You know that spell card that looks like a cup of Ramen.

But last but not least DONT EVER FORGET ABOUT YOUR SYNCHROS!!! Ally of Justice Catastor is a machine as is your Armory Arm (which is really cool when you look at your karakuri tuners level 4 and 3 :) )

Speaking of the Karakuri's (wait not yet)

Im going to add another P to KMP (well maybe not KMPP sounds kinda bad) Lets take a quick look at the Psychic tuner engine. Emergency teleport is rockin' here you can grab 2 targets Mind Master (a level one tuner) and Psychic Comander a DESPERATELY needed level 3 (4+3=7 & 5+3=8, ya feel me)

No with all that said the Karakuris. The heart and soul is this guy
Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 “Nishipachi”
Level 3 Tuner (3+4=7), grabbable with Rei and Burrito, plus his effect can let you draw a card if you have Burrito up on the field.

My other KKs:
Karakuri Watchdog mdl 313 "Saizan": level 4 tuner (4+4=a tasty burrito), cant be destroyed by battle and in the rare case u take battle damage from this card u pump your KKs up by 800 atk. nifty if you gotta get over something big.

my other 2 are non-tuners to give you targets you can synch with your other tuners.
Karakuri Muso mdl 818 "Haipa": level 4, 2100 atk (bring him out when you need to swing for game or synch)
Karakuri Ninja mdl 919 "Kuick": level 4, 1700 atk that when you destroy an opponent's monster by battle to the graveyard he can grab your strategist or watchdog to synch with.
Karakuri Soldier mdl 236 "Nisamu": Can get you a level 4 or lower KK from deck when destroyed by battle


Monsters (21)
III Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 "Nispachi"
I Karakuri Muso mdl 818 "Haipa"
I Karakuri Ninja mdl 919 "Kuick"
I Karakuri Soldier mdl 236 "Nisamu"
I Karakuri Watchdog mdl 313 "Saizan"

II Cyber Dragon
III Machina Gearframe
II Machina Fortress

I Dandylion
I Glow-up Bulb
II Lonefire Blossom
I Spore
I Mind Master
I Psychic Commander

Spells (13)
I Dark Hole
I Emergency Teleport
I Foolish Burial
I Giant Trunade
I Instant Fusion
I Limiter Removal
I Monster Reborn
I Mind Control
II Mystical Space Typhoon
I One for One
II Pot of Duality

Traps (5)
I Call Of The Haunted
I Mirror Force
I Solemn Judgment
II Solemn Warning
I Trap Dustshoot

Extra (15)
I Armory Arm
I Ally of Justice Catastor
I Black Rose Dragon
I Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
I Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
I Colossal Fighter
I Cyber Saurus
II Formula Synchron
III Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X "Bureido"
III Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 "Burei"

Its worth while to note that the introduction of psycics here in this build, I personally see a a temporary fix untill we get some cards like:
 Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 “Ninishi” in Extreem Victory then we can bump up the KK count and really run it how it should be run where we go for Rei use the effect then get a level 1 tuner out to go for Burrito, It does kinda hurt to go right to Burrito leaving Rei all lonely in the extra deck. Genex Neutron seems a bit slow to me but for those out there that prefer you can pull the Psychic cards and run him instead. 

Finally Lehigh Duelist Is Up - Heck yeah!!!

I finally had that WTF moment... after writing for other peoples blogs and on forums for ages I finally sat back and thought ummmmm what am I doing????

Im by far not the glory hound so this blog isnt to support my ego or to brag with, its all about the content and being able to write and speak in a setting where I can exercise full control. As much as I loved writing for other peoples blogs and such I always had to worry how it impacted their image.

So welcome to Lehigh Duelist, every thing Yu-Gi-Oh related. Ill be posting a back log of past deck reviews, talking about the meta, mostly TCG but some OCG. Please subscribe so you stay up to date I will be posting a lot at first due to past articles that have already been written but I will try to spruce them up in view of the new ban list.