Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dragunity : The Zephyros Combo

Ok I was being pmed questions on combos after yesterdays post so thought Id post one of the fun ones. Im still working the kinks out of the deck, how many Red eyes, how much draw power, how much protection blah blah blah but here is a pretty straight forward win condition for incorporating a Leyvaten in the build. Which I probably will Misti Im on the fence I was always a hater of the Armas but Leyvaten is a good enabler in the build as well as a target for Red eyes.

To kick it off you just need a Zeph a ravine and  card for discard purposes.
*Note MST and Veiler will crap all over this (as would skill drain and a couple others)

Activate Ravine then by discarding Zeph toss Phlanx into your grave from your deck (You could also send a Dux to hand rather than Phlanx to grave but I always opt to prep my grave first but thats just me)

pay your 400 lp and bounce your ravine to SS Zeph from the grave

Activate ravine (yes you can now use the effect 2x legally) send your card in had to grave to bring a Dux to the hand from the deck

Normal Dux to equip Phalanx. Phalanx effect to summon

Synch Zeph+Phalanx for Vajrayana and equip then summon Phlanx

Synch Dux+Phalanx for Vajrayana #2 and equip then summon Phlanx

Vaj x2 = Hieroglyphic Dragon Pharaoh - Atums
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Grab Leyvaten from the deck There is an out if he is in the grave too (its better if he's in the grave actually) but Ill discuss that later. Detatch a Vaj from Atums to SS Leyvaten from the deck. If you have another phalanx in the grave then grab him with Ley's effect, special him to the field he can be a target for trident's effect. If not oh well.
Overlay Gaia Dragoon, The Force of Lightning on your Atums, Dragoon is a piercer so assuming they are at 8000 LP and Trident destroys ravine to attack 2x you may be able to pull of an OTK if the set monster is 600 or less defense.  
Again tons of obstacles in the way here but I just wanted to go over some of the dynamics to the deck before I really get into the combos and how to abuse Red Eyes Darkness metal dragon. Im still toying with the idea of including a Mystletainn in the deck, he's a 6 target for Red Eyes and opens red eye plays up for lots of shenanigans.Sometimes I prefer shenanigans over all else. In the least Ill post the combos to let you guys decide.

BTW if you have a Ley in the grave Here are your options.

these are all the options in the deck that can grab Ley from the grave. For the above combo you just go into Red Eyes from Atums and then use red eyes effect to grab ley. I prefer this because now you have a target for Tridents effect and Red eyes is fairly limp wrested at this point and often won't survive
In a regular instance Ley can then grab a Phlanx, wh can then special himself and you can go right into Trident

if you used red eyes or Call you now have targets for Tridents effect. Assuming you ding set anything for the effect prior to synching
Orrrrr you could really have some fun. most probably you have some cards in hand to set for Tridents effect... Sooooo Attack like mad with trident, if they had some monsters then they probably got all giddy that they survived a trident triple attack. Lets just say they have a defense position monster  you attacked it and then swung for 6000 dropping them to 2000 LP ohhhh what to do, what to do.

Well..... If you used Red eyes then he's a 10 star, Well trident is a 10 star too. SFW theres not a rank 10 XYZ monster.... Is there???

            2 Level 10 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; inflict 2000 damage to your opponent.

In steps the most fun card in yugioh ever. (well at least to say) Super Dreadnought Cannon Express Gustaph Max. I smile each time because I watch Gintama and in Episode 38 we are introduced to the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon, which is supposed to be a war canon of historical importance but for all intents and purposes is a  ice sculpture of a big penis with balls

Eventually the canon/penis gets wings and a slide for the kids

Then in Episode 57 the real Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon makes an appearance and is no better

So Long story short after you wackem with Trident dragon Whip out your canon and finished off with its 2000 damage

Again this is all one dimensional type stuff and very trident focused which isn't always the best win condition. Ill be getting into the meat and potatoes in a bit

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