Sunday, December 18, 2011

Deck Profile: Watt Tha Lock Is This

Ok kicking of the first deck profile is what has become my favorite deck to play in quite awhile. Watts have always been a deck Ive casually played with, but never ran competitively till Photon Shockwave.

PHSW gives the deck the consistency that it needs with 2 cards: Wattcobra and Photon Lead

All watts are inherently weak in terms of the attack on the card the trade off for this weakness is either that the watt can attack directly, or can attack 2x with support cards that  bolster the attack or allow to attack directly.

The more aggro IMO is not very competitive, It uses support cards like wattcube, solidarity etc etc to power up the multiple attackers (Wattsquirrel, Wattmole, Wattwoodpecker) or wattkey to let em unleash directly. Direct attacks from Wattberyx and Wattbetta has some hand control effects on your opponent like the synchro counterpart Wattchimera who can inherently attack direct.

The control playstyle is what we are going to talk about in this post. It takes advantage of the direct attackers (Wattgiraffe, Wattcobra and Wattpheasant) and protects them through one of the best control locks in the game the hopperlock thanks to Watthopper. Everything in this deck is to either establish/re-establish the hopperlock, protect the hopperlock, and attack your opponent directly.
First Ill go into the monster line up and talk about why I have each card in there and how they work with the deck.

2x Effect Veiler ($18 x 2 = $36)

2x Shining Angel ($0.25) 
2x Wattcobra  ($0.25 x 2= $0.50)
3x Wattdragonfly ($0.25 x 3= $0.75)
1x Wattfox  ($0.25) 
3x Wattgiraffe ($6 x 2 = $12)
3x Watthopper ($0.25 x 3= $0.75)

Total: $50 (thanks to one of the most expensive rares... Effect Veiler. But dont worry Veiler is one you will be able to splash in a lot of decks or run in the side)

Effect Veiler : Once you establish the lock you will want to have this guy in your hand. The only things that can disrupt your lock are cards that do not target of which some of the most accessable (Trishula, Black Rose Dragonetc.) are effect monsters. Not to mention that EV can be a great card to stop opponant's plays, though I tend to hold onto him unless I really have to use him untill I get a lock

Shining Angel: 3 seems a bit much, 2 not enough sometimes but either way Angel is a key player in helping set up for a hopperlock. Being a fairy he hurts those that like solidarity, and he does Special the light monster into attack mode which Im not crazy about but at a whopping 1400 hes the beatstick of the line up. Honestly most of the time I suicide him to SS a Watthopper or set him in preparation of the lock. He is a level 4 making him a possible material for Number 39: Utopia ; he can grab every monster in the deck ; a light that works with honest ; and a possible target for Photon Lead

 Wattcobra: The snake is bad @$$, he's a lightning spewing cobra how could he not be! This card alone is what is the saving grace of the deck. He can attack direct, and when he deals damage by direct attack you can add a Watt to your hand. Searchable by Wattdragonfly and Shining Angel he is a great way to populate your hand with the watt you need, which will be Watthopper in most cases or Wattgiraffe to get some additional protection going. Level 4 also means  Number 39: Utopia (or in the extreem cases a trishula with another 4 and veiler); a target to synch into Wattchimera with Wattfox  ; and for those that run Wattcancel (which I do not) its a great way to populate your hand for the cost 

 Wattdragonfly: dragonfly may be my most favorite Watt. He is a great card to set and know that you will have a watt on the field your next turn. Unlike Angel he SSs the monster into any position you want and he gets his effect from battle or card effect. Many times you may have a hopper in hand and a set dragonfly. They will attack/destroy the fly for you only to SS another, they attack/destroy that one for you only to grab another. Reading your opponant is huge here if you SS into your hopper too soon you will lose him often times you may go into another fly to be safe and suicide him the next turn. You can also suicide him to grab a direct attacker if need be.

Wattfox : Is your only means to synch into Wattchimera or most of your other viable synchros. The deck could use more level 2 synchros but since he doesnt attach direct he sits kinda low on the priority list.

Wattgiraffe : Im kinda sad that I bumped Giraffe down to 2 the guy is amazing and your strongest direct attacker but with the ease in which he can be searched he had to make way for the extra space. The brilliance that is Wattgiraffe is that opponants cannot activate the effects of ANY!!! spell, trap or effect monsters untill the end phase.  Why is this is so huge? Lets say you get the lock in quick with a giraffe. You can now attack with him directly in your battle phase and then summon with abandon in your main phase 2 and they cant torrential or Solem. You can set backrows and not worry about being MSTed that turn. Heck you can attack direct over a Hareld of Perfection and then not worry about the negates.

Watthopper : Drum roll please. This is the MVP of the deck. If you get 2 of these out and face up then your opponant cannot select another face up Watt as an attack target or target them with card effects. This means they cant Veiler your Wattcobra ; Brio a hopper ; anything that targets makes a sad face ; anything that does not attack direct takes a time out. There are very few things that can rain of this parade but chances are you will see them so make sure you read the section below that talks about the cards that are a danger to your hopperlock.

Wattpheasant : Yup I still run a pheasant. Hes a direct attacker but he also has an interesting effect especially with the new XYZs. When he deals damage by a direct attack you can remove a face up monster from play untill the end phase. So this means you can remove a XYZ and they lose their material when they come back. Remove a Krystia so you can special summon, or just clear a path if you have a Angel out that cant attack direct and you need the extra 1400.

1x Dark Hole ($3)
1x Heavy Storm ($2)
1x Monster Reborn ($2.50) 
1x Mystical Space Typhoon ($1.50)
2x My Body as a Shield   ($0.75 x 2 - $1.50)  
1x One For One ($1.50)
2x Photon Lead ($0.25 x 2 - $0.50) 
2x Pot of Duality ($13 x 2 = $26)
2x Recycling Batteries ($0.25 x 2= $0.50)

Total: $39.00

I'll only mention the ones that have unique application to this build

One For One : Is here to SS Watthopper

Photon Lead  : Can target every monster in the build and like One For One its main function is establishing the hopper lock

 Recycling Batteries : Is the primary means of recovering Watthoppers from the grave when they break the lock

(I do only run one MST and at one point I didnt run any but having it is the prudent choice, 3 Photon Leads is too much as is POD and Recycling Batteries. Many ppl will run POD at 3 but I found it dead at times with the SS that I focus on.

1x Call of the Haunted ($1.25)
2x Dark Bribe ($2.50 x 2 = $5.00)
2x Grave of the Super Ancient Organism ($4.50)
1x Mirror Force ($1.00) 
1x Solemn Judgement ($2.00)
1x Solemn Warning ($7.00)
2x Starlight Road ($2.50 x 2 - $5.00) 

Total: $25.75

Again I'll only mention the ones that have unique application to this build

 Grave of the Super Ancient Organism : Is maybe the most player preference card in the build. Here is why it works for me. My most feared card that is mained in most decks is Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier it gets around the lock and Starlight Road. My best defense is Effect Veiler (which I only run 2) and/or the Solems which can cost a good chunk of LP. GOTSAO is continuous and also solves a couple other problem cards like Krystia, BRD, Herald of Perfection, Gladiator Beast Heraklinos, JD etc.)

Solemn Judgement / Solemn Warning : Im not explaining why Im running them only that I prefer them over  Wattcancel, which is a great card I just think the the  Solemns do it better and are enough. In fact if I make any future switchs will be to pull the Warning to add maybe a 3rd Dark Bribes or My Body as a Shield.

Starlight Road : It Protects the lock from the usual suspects ( Mirror ForceTorrential Tribute and many many more) plus gets you a Stardust Dragon who can then help you out once he is on the field. Now you can also note that in  
2x Wattchimera ($2.50)
2x Number 39: Utopia ($5 x 2 = $10.00)

2x Stardust Dragon ($10.00 x 2 = $20.00) 

Total: $32.50

I just put the bare nessecities in here, no Brionac or Trishula, You could toss in a Formula Synchron and a shooting star but honestly with Grave of the... I dont synch much. If I do its to....

Chimeraloop- With a hopperlock implace you can attack directly with Chimera and choose a random card from thier hand to put back on the top of the deck. So if they have no answer to the lock chances are they wont get to draw a new card unless they can play or set all thier cards.

Grand Total: $50 + $39 + $25.75 + $32.50 = $147.25
So for under $150 you can get a whole deck with synchros that is competitive in this meta


Plant Synchro: Trishula and BRD spam is a tough nut to crack

Dark World: Deck Devistation Virus makes my little Hoppers sad faced

Agents: Krystia likes to laugh at Angel, Dragonfly, one for one and Photon Lead.

DinoRabbit: Evolzar Laggia thinks my Grave of the Super Ancient Organism is laughable (or maybe is reading Organism wrong)

Side Cards to watch out for: Chain Disappearance, Skill Drain

Changing the direction of this blog: Yugioh can be fun and not break the bank.

I checked and saw that I hadnt posted anything since august. A lot of this has to do with my lack of enthusiasm for yugioh due to the cost of the cards.

The fact is that the trend right now to be tier 1 you need shell out tons of $$$ for your builds. Hey I get a card or 2 being 50-60 but.... total up a rabbit deck with 3 Rescue Rabbits, 3 Tour guides and then slap the XYZ/synchs and other cards in and you paying way too much for card game that has weaker prize support than others and printed by a company that will only reprint them as commons in a couple months.


Im changing the direction of my blog some. Im going to focus on alternative decks that wont break the bank and are still fun and competitive.

So the next couple posts will be about some of the decks that Ive been running lately that have really been doing well and have left enough money in my pocket to have fun.

I hope you enjoy the next couple posts your comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated