Thursday, April 28, 2011

Combos: Trish's Fishes (Part 1 - The Draw)

Im going to preface this part with a couple comments. You may have heard of the phrase "it takes a village to raise a child" It means no one person really is responsible for making a child who they grow up to become. There is to much interaction with the environment and those around you that shape a person. Yu-Gi-Oh deck building is no different. I've been a Frog player since 2009 when Swap Frog was released in SOVR, I still play a variation of wetlands control (cant wait for replacement toad). I have online articles that are dated that show my development of FrogTK, I also wrote the first online guide on the building and use of the deck as well as forums that show it being developed. But even then I will not sit here and get mad at people that claim similar credit. (Although I did start this blog at first because I wanted better documentation of my ideas time coded but have since realized just how silly that is)

With the number of people in the world playing Yu-Gi-Oh and the limited number of cards it only makes sense that multiple people can build using similar cards and independently come to the same conclusions (I was actually working on a world lock frog deck and a exodia frog deck when I stumbled on to the idea of frogtk) I just recently started reading other players blogs (something I never really did before) and was astounded that some people were testing things and doing things that I thought myself unique in. It takes one person teching one card and sharing the success of it with others to get others moving in a similar direction. Adopting that card does not taint your creativity in the deck nor does it make that deck another persons build. The whole point of this ramble is that nobody really owns a build. Too many people contribute and the ygo community is to closely networked for people to claim ownership. I understand alot of the egos that are out there (and I was and still am one of them), that for them deck building is their rock star status but in the end it was not just one person, it was a village

BUT... there are many out there who do make unbelievable leaps to connect random cards together for synergy and have a great strategic mind and credit should always go to those that its due. Everybody likes recognition So I will make mention of people whom have contributed as best as I can.


Trish's Fishes is a fusion of FrogTK and FrogFish, in July 2010 when I  started working with Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth (yes I was doing Frogfish or FishTK in July, it was formula Synchron and Red Nova that made me interested in it) it was no biggy we had Substitoad, but 8/18/10 a day that will live in infamy, I learned subby will get hit (RIP Subby), Heavy Storm was still around, cold wave is now gone and you didn't have Warnings. It was this environment that shaped FrogFish. So in any OTK used NOW... Giant Trunade is way important... unless you can beat the back rows making OTK an FTK

For an FTK to function the draw is way important. The water monsters have an advantage with Moray of Greed, and the fact that most of them function in the grave makes Hand and Card Destruction so successful in FrogTK, which even if it could have use POD it couldn't because of the special summoning and since the burn was specific Upstart never worked either (unlike Trish's Fishes) but all these are draw support cards whats most important are the cards you need to draw to go off.

The FTK can go off if you draw:
Swap Frog + An Aqua Monster (not SDKC or Oystermeister) + SDKC

If you draw a frog as your aqua you pitch em to SS Swap. Send Ronin to the grave. Remove the pitched frog to SS Ronin. Normal summon SDKC

If you draw Fishborg you pitch fishborg to SS Swap. Send a frog to the grave. Discard to SS Fishborg and then normal SDKC

****Swap Frog + Monster Reborn + SDKC****

Pitch SDKC to SS Swap. Send your Frog. Recall swap to hand. Monster Reborn your SDKC

****Foolish Burial + Monster Reborn****

Hey I love Swap too but you can also get your SDKC in the grave to be reborn with foolish too
Star Blast + SDKC

you can reduce SDKC level to 1 right away to normal summon him. Being a 1 star water you can synch him with fishborg right away for a Formula Synchron. I first learned of Star Blast on March 6th from a player named Bear who's team took first at the Kumamoto One Coin Cup (OCG)

****Gold Sarcophagus + D.D.R.****

DDR was a go to card in post-substitoad frog builds as ways to make dupe locks (never really worked great) But the cards value was made apparent by Michael Bonacini who uses Gold Sarch to remove a SDKC and then Summon him via DDR

****Gold Sarcophagus +Hidden Armory****

Hidden Armory is like a terraforming for your D.D.R. and because D.D.R specials there is no conflict. However if you draw into a Oystermeister you really gotta think your way out and you cant summon a Fishborg or Oyster first to protect your SDKC from Effect Veiler

There are tons of other cards that can work as well some more consistent than others

YOU MAY NOTICE, there are some **** around a couple of the combos these are all ones that leave you open to still normal summon. I think this is important because if you draw into an oystermeister its much easier to normal summon him out then to do discard acrobatics. As in any FTK the less cards you need to draw the better. BTW drawing into a Level Eater early doesn't hurt either :)

ALSO for those that are going to start whining about this deck just go with the flow it will be gone by next ban list with Generation Force coming out and all the water support thats coming: Cards like surfacing etc.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Combo: Trishes Fishes (Part 3 - Trishula)

You will notice that this combo is part 3. Im still trying to figure out how Im going to do part 1 and 2 because there are a couple different ways do them. You can see the starblast way to go through all steps over at this link but for the most part the mechanics of part 3 (and the forth coming part 4) are the same so Im starting here. and gonna work backwards then forwards. Its kinda good to do it this way as well because yugioh like life doesn't follow a step by step formula. Despite what people will say about this deck, having a good understanding of how to pick up mid way through the combo or begin it from different parts will be essential for consistency because you may not always draw into what you need or you may hit a random road block tossed your way

To give you a little table of contents re: all the parts to this deck:
1). The Draw
2.) The Setup
3.) Trishula
4.) Game

Field: Librarian, Brio & Level Eater (LE). to spam out multiple Trishulas you need these cards, two open monster spots, 3 Formula Synchrons and 3 Dewlorens in the grave with Symbols of Heritage in hand with at least one other discard. This is super easy to establish turn 1 and Ill go over that in the other steps.  I did go over all of this in my earlier post but this step seems to be tripping people up a bit. PROBLEMS: "LE is in hand but not the grave" NP all you do is set a spell, bounce it back with Brio's effect and discard the LE to the grave. "I dont have a LE in hand" then you can repeat part 2 till you draw into one or a foolish burial. Anything else wrong and you either didnt follow steps 1-2 or hit a road block that didnt let you complete them. Ill have a blog going over other problem solving

Summon Dew with symbols. Use Dew's effect to bounce symbols to hand.

Field now looks like this. Memorize this field cuz this will be how the loop comes back around.

Play symbols to summon Formula Synchron (FS). Discard a card to bounce the symbols back to your hand with Brio's effect.

LE+Dew+FS=Trishula. Draw your card and remove your opponents cards

Level Eat Trish to level 8, summoning LE, Play symbols to summon Dew. Bounce Trish and Symbols with Dew's effect.

Your field now looks like this. Look familiar? Sure it does its the same field as 5 pictures up. Rinse and repeat till they have no hand.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Deck Review: Dopple Chaos

Ok Im a huge fan of fun decks, be it intricate combos, or interesting play styles. But I also love when you have a ton of diversity and options in a deck where each game plays a bit different than the last. Normally this diversity ends up at the expense of competitiveness. Strong tier 1 decks have very simple and straight forward win conditions, but a Dopple Synchro deck with some teched in chaos seems to be a jack of all trades and master of SOME.

Ill go over the build a bit with some description but will follow up this post soon with some common combos: (OMFG Dandylion isnt in the image DONT YOU EFFIN FORGET DANDY!!!)

Card Trooper (2)- a true workhorse can single handily set up a crazy amount of plays, will make sense the more you look at how this deck works

Chaos Sorcerer (3)- This varient mills alot and unless you got POA this guys only use in the grave is to help you summon another one, thus the 3 rather than 2 number. Wanna get crazy SS Sorcerer (remove a faceup monster) SS or summon Glow-Up/Spore/Veiler, synch for Arcanite Magican (use the counters to destroy 2 cards), SS Glow Up Bulb or Spore, Synch for Scrap Dragon and you have the option to use his effect for more destrucion, thats 4 cards and it can be done with out even using up a summon.

D.A.D (1)- with the amount of graveyard control built into this deck DAD can be beast, I would chalk him up as tech and optional in the build but vary rarely do you draw him and are not able to figure a way to summon him.

Dandylion (1)- OK OK I forgot dandy in the picture above. Yeah he got r4ped in the ban list but what are you gonna do? Run him at 1 stop running Quickdraw and let Junk have his moment in the sun.

Debris Dragon (2)- A semi-limit on this card was not a huge set back, he is your go to guys for quick BRD plays heck with dandylion you can even get into shooting star.

Doppelwarrior (2)- this is the guys that took the sting out of Dandy's ban list b-tch slap. And as a dark he also supports DAD and Chaos plays, but also he makes Junk Synchron playable another big dark in the deck. You can test him at 3 but I settled on 2.

Effect Veiler (2)- Two is the standard for this format for most decks but in this deck EV shines. I tested out D.D. Sprite and was mehhhh. EV is not just a 1 star tuner that is light. The effect is a game saver as well.

Glow Up Bulb (1)- GUB is the best daisey headed, cycloptic dirt ball you ever met, he synchs, he mills, he comes back he can be removed for spore. When we get T.G. Hyper Librarian this card = hand advantage. If you don't run him I will cry

Junk Synchron (2)- Run him at 2 or 3 depending on your style I pulled the 3rd for a Lyla or maybe running Ryko at 3. When you look at all that he can bring out with his effect combined with having a doppelwarrior in your hand you brain may lock up going over all the possibilities.

Lonfire Blossom (2)- Lonefire is one of those cards that just adds consistency and sets up big plays and really helps out with chaos since somtimes those dark and light monsters you need in  the grave end up being synchros that lonefire helps you get at fast.

Lyla (1)- is a tech choice and very easily could go into the side for a 3rd ryko or junk. Personally I like the destruction effect and will let her go the end phase to get the mill. Having another light aint to shabby neither and is why I put her in the main rather than the side, for now.

Ryko (2)- NOT only a game saving effect, but a light for Chaos, food for Junk and Debris, a beast for Frozen Fitzgerald, a lightsworn for charge... He mills, he slice, he dices, enjoys long walks on the beach and poetry what more could you ask for

Sangan (1)- Staple, dude searcher for almost all of your monsters

Spore (1)- Comboed with GUB and Lonefire hes amazing even more so when we get Librarian

K Im an idioy I didnt just forget Dandy I forgot One for One as well, I appologize I musta been drinking when I did this.

Charge of the Light Brigade- with 3 targets the card makes sense, milling helps set up so many plays in this deck

Dark Hole/ Trunade- Staples (as is Mind Control in a synmcro heavy deck like this)

Foolish Burial- Helps DAD and Chaos stay alive in your hand, sets up Junk plays, gets you tokens with dandy, GUB and Spore combos, its one of the swiss army knives of the deck

Reborn (1)- is a staple as well and I would have included it in the group above but I wanted to mention how it works with Doppel as well. :)

One For One (1)- Card is broke, it gets you one of your tuners while helping to set up for DAD and Chaos 

Pot of Averice (2)- with the mad milling and synchroing POA will help you recycle synchros, help out DAD and get you some much needed cards

ROTA (1)- You got 4 targets with Junk and Doppel, which is always good even if you dont need them right at that second so that they dont get milled  

COTH / Limit Reverse - both have great synergy with Doppel just like reborn

*I've messed with Decree trap line ups in this deck but honestly I'd rather have the Holy Trinity of 1 judgment and 2 warnings

Trap Stun (2)-  Just works before making big plays and can be more than helpful in certain match ups.

Torrential (1)- Staple

Here's my Extra Deck lineup (with Librarian and Trishshula) Frozen Fitz could go for a 2nd BRD, by the time I get him out Im usually set to do more synchroing so I really dont get to use his effect as much and Magical Android being a Light can come in handy, but Im keeping him for now. I'll get more into the syncros when I post about the combos

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Combos: Trish's Fishes

 Lear how a couple fish can summon Trishula almost an infinite amount of times (maybe even in the first turn)

Summon SDKC with Star Blast reducing his level to 1 (-3000 lp) this combo can be modified so that this is not a necessity but is much easier this way to allow you to go right into Formula Synchron. With SDKC's effect send Level Eater (LE) to the grave to bring out 2xOyster and 2xFishborg

Synch Fish with the lvl 1 SDKC for Formula Synchron#1, and draw your card. (Please not that the pictures try to show all the drawing that will take place but I know I missed a couple, just remember to draw after all Formula summons and all synchroing when Librarian is in play

Formula+Oyster=Token and T.G. Hyper Librarian

Token+Fish= Formula#2 Draw a card ; Formula#2+Oyster=sea dragon lord gishilnodon+Token (Gish is a water and will work with Fishborg) Draw a card

Gish+Fish=Brionac#1 Draw a card ; Reduce Dewloren#1 (thx GE) to level 5 to summon LE ; Bounce LE with Brionac's effect

Dewloren#1(lvl5)+Fish=Dewloren#2 Draw a card

Discard LE to SS Fish

Reduce Dew#2 to level 5 to summon LE ; Bounce LE with Dew's effect ; Repeat to get out the 3rd Dew out Discard the LE to SS Fishborg
Synch Dew#3+Fish=Power Tool Dragon, Draw a card

Use Power Tool's Effect to bring out 3 symbols of heritage (if you already drew into a Symbol then grab a Different Dimension Reincarnation) If you havnt drawn into one then follow the following loop till you have 2-3 symbols in hand

Play Symbols to grab a Dew from the grave

Bounce Symbols and Power Tool with Dew

Discard to SS Fish

Fish+Dew= Power Tool, Draw ; Use the effect of power tool to get your 2nd Symbol

Play Symbol to SS Dew

Bounce Symbol and Power Tool ; Discard to SS Fish

Fish+Token=Formula#3 ; Draw 2x ; Dew+Formula=Stardust ; Draw a card

Reduce Stardust to lvl 7 to ss LE ; Play symbols to ss Formula and Dew

Bounce both Symbols with Dew

LE+Dew+Formula=Trishula ; remove fromplay up to 1 card from opponant's hand field or graveyard. ; Draw a card

Play 2 symbols for Dew and Formla

Bounce Symbols and Trishula with Dew ; Reduce Stardust to SS LE

LE+Dew+Formula=Trishula ; remove fromplay up to 1 card from opponant's hand field or graveyard. ; Draw a card ; Repeat reducing Trishula's level to SS LE untill they have no more cards in hand


Alternate win condition if you have 15 cards in hand, reduce Librarian to SS LE ; Symbol out Formula ; Draw a card ; synch Librarian with Formula for Tempest Magician

Toss the 15 cards for Tempest's effect. 15 plus the counter she gets on summoning  means you can burn for 8000 FTK
Props to Bear (whoever you are) in the OCG for first making me aware of Star Blast and Tempest Magician.