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Clan Review - Spike Brothers - Cardfight Vanguard

On the Planet Cray in the depths of the Dark Zone, 3 clans compete for leadership to be determined in the Demon world cup. The winner will wage war against the United Sanctuary. In this dark a bloody zone Blood Ball and Gallows Ball reign supreme (a mix of american football and rugby), attracting thousands of screaming blood thirsty fans. And out of all these morally depraved and sociopathic maniacs one team is the undisputed champions the Spike Brothers.

Lead by General Siefried one of the highest classes Cyborg Demons. He is a dangerous player who is willing to lead his team to victory regardless of the costs. Offensively he is supported by The quarterback of the Spike Brothers' Gallows Ball Team, Dudley Dan, a demon feared as the brains of his team due to his well-known cunning and utterly cruel strategies. While his specialty is in thinking, in some cases, he becomes the pillar that allows strategies to work out, such that his win record at the many stadiums is equal to that of famous players who have left to cause evil throughout the world.

But its not all about the quarterback Wearing a Purple-Crimson Suit, Sky Diver is the Spike Brothers' leading Running Back. By using the Flight Equipment strapped to his back to the fullest, he is capable of precise control while gliding at high-speed. Its four wings are sharpened like blades, and are said to be dyed red by the blood of those that get caught in its path. But if you think the team is all offense defensively the Spike brothers are a terror as well Juggernaut Maximum is defensive tackler of the Bloodball Team. He's a giant cyborg who subjected himself to muscle and body strengthening modifications. Those with strength equal to or less than his own that stand in front of him are crushed.

1. Creating very high powered attacks
2. Superior calling units from the deck or hand during the battle phase so that you can attack more than just the normal 3 times
3. Aggressive gameplay
4. Allow for more complex combos
5. Dont hurt your wallet (fairly inexpensive vs other decks out there)
6. Reward those that have a good understanding of gameplay and card mechanics

1. Run as an auto pilot deck
2. Play well in long drawn out card fights
3. Maintain advantage

Cheer Girl, Tiara (Workeroid)5000 Attk / 10000 Guard
Heal trigger

Cheerful Lynx (Warbeast)5000 Attk / 10000 Guard
Draw Trigger

Mecha Trainer (Workeroid)Auto: When you ride another 《Spike Brothers》 on this Unit, you may call this Card to a Rear Guard Circle. Startup 【R】: [Counterblast (1), retire this Unit] Search for 1 Grade 1 or lower 《Spike Brothers》 from your Deck, reveal it to your Opponent, add it to your Hand, and Shuffle that Deck.
He's your standard starting vanguard. A searcher for a level 1 which in most cases is for Dudley Dan so you can start your guys tagging but you can also search for Cheer Girl, Marilyn (the Null guard) or when we get him Commander Guiri Gyanon who is the typical promo with a Flame of Hope, Aermo type effect.

Red Shoe Milly (Succubus)5000 Attk / 10000 Guard
[AUTO]: When this unit is put into the drop zone from (GC), put this card into your soul.
For soul heavy builds of any clan you can consider Milly. In this deck for right now though The soul runs fairly balanced, you will be blasting for Juggernaut and Brakki but you will also be replenishing with Sky Diver and Silence Joker. So I would leave Milly out for now and through testing determine how useful it would be to your play style (mostly contingent if you run a high Juggernaut or Brakki count) 

Silence Joker (Ghost)4000 Attk / 10000 Guard
Critical Trigger
Activate 【R】: [Move this Unit to Soul] When you have a 《Spike Brothers》 Vanguard choose 1 from your Damage Zone and unflip it.
One of the cards that will help keep your combos going. He single handily will unflip a damage counter (Helpful in facilitating Dudley Dan plays) and replenish your soul (for Juggernaut or Brakki plays) you do give up 1000 in attack vs a typical trigger but the effect is where its at

Sonic Breaker (Ogre)5000 Attk / 10000 Guard
Critical Trigger

WHERE ARE THE STAND TRIGGERS?????What you don't see here are stand triggers. Honestly Im not sure if Spike Bro's is ever gonna see a stand trigger, I say this because a stand here would be devastatingly good. The inherent ability to Superior Call units from the hand or deck already means you can pull of more than 3 attacks per turn, if you add to this a stand trigger that can enable more of these effects to go off or to stand up the boosters to power up these superiored units "theoretically" would be killer. I say theoretically because I haven't actually tested running theoretical triggers but on paper it looks to be bananas.

Cheer Girl, Marilyn (Succubus)6000 Attk / 0 Guard
AUTO: [Choose a «Spike Brothers» from your hand, and discard it] When this unit is placed on Guardian Circle, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your «Spike Brothers», and that unit cannot be hit until end of that battle
The null guard of the clan, I almost always run Nulls in 3s. Remember she is searchable with the trainer.
Commander Guiri Gyanon (Ogre)   ***Warning this card is a promo & not out, use Aermo for now
6000 Attk / 5000 Guard
Auto 【R】: (select 1 card from your hand and discard it) When the attack of this unit with the unit boosted hits, You May Pay the cost, draw a card.
I actually really like this card since he is searchable and a Spike Brother as opposed to Flame of Hope, Aermo. But keep in mind the attack has to hit to go off so some ppl may rather run a card like Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer Shout that even though can't boost after they have rested for the effect, you know the effect will go off. In many build you may find yourself tempting fate with 9-10 or even (gasp) 11 grade 3 units. Having ways to get out of your hand some like Gyanon and others can be a godsend

Cyclone Blitz (Ogre)6000 Attk / 5000 Guard
Auto 【V/R】: [Soul Blast (1)] When this Unit attacks, and you have a 《Spike Brothers》 Vanguard, you may pay the cost. If paid, during that battle, this Unit gains +3000 Power.
In a soul heavy build I could see running Blitz, but IMO the cost is too high. Id rather spend my soul on some of the bigger hitters of the deck but the cost is an easy one to pay and a 9k 
Dudley Dan (Ogre)4000 Attk / 5000 Guard
Auto【R】: [Counterblast (2), choose 1 《Spike Brothers》 from your Hand and send to Soul] When this Unit boosts a Vanguard, you may pay the cost. If paid, search for 1 《Spike Brothers》 from your Deck, call it to a Rear Guard Circle that's without a Unit and shuffle the Deck.
The Quarterback of the team, he is the keystone to the whole deck. He's got an underwhelming 4k boost like the Assault Squad but unlike the Squad his effect is fantastic and unlike the Squad it doesn't have to hit to go off. Sadly though its got a heavy cost; 2 counter blasts and a SB unit in hand to send to the soul (though this can be good since you may need units in the soul to blast with.) Its worth while to consider the field when using Dan, its not just about grabbing a Juggernaut and pounding away and you must consider timing. Dan activates on the declaration step of the attack and he can only call to an empty spot. SO.... Plan your attacks to maximize the effects. Also look at your hand rather than Juggernaut consider a Sky Rider to then superior call from your hand after Sky Rider hits. Also in reading the field calling a Panzer Gale can lead to you not only attacking with Gale's 8K but having a 10k intercept on defense, Be mindful though if you got Siegfried as VG then a Gale can really help keep those grade 3s in the deck for the General's effect. And lastly if your field is looking a little empty you can easily grab for a Devil Summoner to then use his effect to swarm the field (though to be honest I always reveal a grade 3 )

Gyro Slinger (Ogre)7000 Attk / 5000 Guard
Activate 【V/R】: [Counterblast (1)] During this turn, this Unit gains +1000 Power.
Slinger is a promo and in all honesty underwhelming. The clan doesn't really run a lot of counter blast cards Dudley Dan being the only one of real note. So yes it can make use of unused counters but by that time (after you have used Dans effect) your pretty much able to hit your numbers to start your offensive push.

Spike Brothers Assault Squad (Goblin)4000 Attk / 5000 Guard
Auto 【R】: During the battle, that this Unit has Boosted a 《Spike Brothers》, if the Attack hits, Stand this Card.
This guy is one of the reasons why we may never see a stand trigger. This effect is like a weak @$ version of a stand. The play is to hit with a Juggernaught (or Brakki) boosted by this card getting the +5000 so to attack with 20k return the attacking unit, stand Assault Squad and hopefully have Seifried check a grad 3, call it to the empty spot and boost with Assault squad again. Or more consistent is to attack with Sky Diver boosted by Assault Squad for 15K, if it hits send the Diver to the Soul and superior a unit from hand that Assault squad can boost again. The issue here is that SBAS is only 4k attk and for the effect to go through the attack has to hit. If his attack were higher it may have been an interesting card but as it is I wouldn't recommend him.

Wonder Boy (Goblin)8000 Attk / 5000 Guard
Standard 8k attack vanilla grade 1 booster

Devil Summoner (Demon)7000 Attk / 5000 Guard
Auto: When this Unit is called to the Vanguard Circle or Rear Guard Circle, reveal the top card of your Deck. If that card is a Grade 1 or Grade 2 《Spike Brothers》, call that card to a Rear Guard Circle, if not, shuffle that Deck.
He's ok... I like the field advantage that he generates, but with the grade 3 count + your grade 0 its possible that his effect can fail quite a bit. Not to mention he's 7k attack

Highspeed, Brakki (Warbeast)9000 Attk / 5000 Guard
AUTO](RC): [Soul-Blast 1] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gets [Power] +5000 until end of that battle, and at the beginning of the close step of that battle, return this unit to your deck, and shuffle your deck.
I love Brakki. for a small price of one soul blast and to be returned to the deck Brakki can hit for an un boosted 14K!!!! Most may frown at the return to deck part but honestly this may be one of his best features. The SB game play is to attack big then retire to the deck so that the Siefried can then hit, check a grad 3 and then call that unit to the now open slot for another attack.
Panzer Gail (Ogre)8000 Attk / 5000 Guard
Auto: When this Unit intercepts, and you have a 《Spike Brothers》 Vanguard during that Battle, this Unit's Shield gains +5000.
Here is the decks 10k interceptor. He is also searchable via Dudley Dan

Treasure Black Panther (Warbeast)10000 Attk / 5000 Guard
The 10k Attk Grade 2, vanilla, 5k interceptor

Spike Bouncer (Ogre)8000 Attk / 5000 Guard
AUTO 【V/R】: When one of your other «Spike Brothers» unit's attack hits a Vanguard, during that turn, this unit gets Power +3000.
Has the potential to swing for a lot if you consider that in this deck your units can hit more than just 3 times. BUT in terms of consistency this card is not that essential but may find a spot when he comes out over devil summoner
General Seyfried (Demon)10000 Attk
Auto 【V】: When a Grade 3 《Spike Brothers》 is revealed by this Unit's Drive Check, you may call that card into a Rear Guard Circle that does not have a Unit in it.
Auto 【V】: When this unit is boosted by a 《Spike Brothers》 unit, this unit gains +3000 Power.
Couple things to note Some grade 3s in this deck belong in RG and some in VG. Siefried is a VG grade 3. His effect only happens to empty circles as well so understanding your timing and attack order is very important, try to attack with your units that vacate the circle after attacking, So that now when you attack with Siefried as VG you have a spot to put that Drive Checked grade 3. Other than that if he is boosted by a Wonder Boy He hits that magic 21k number.

Juggernaut Maximum (Giant)11000 Attk
[CONT](VC/RC): If you do not have another <Spike Brothers> Vanguard or rear-guard, this unit gets [Power] -2000.
[AUTO](RC): [Soul-Blast 1] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gets [Power] +5000 until end of that battle, and at the beginning of the close step of that battle, return this unit to your deck, and shuffle your deck.
Im a big fan of Juggs he hits hard and gets out of the way. He's not the best guy to be boosted by Dan since Dans effect happens on declaration meaning the Superior called unit from the deck can't drop into the spot that Juggs vacates. Moe often than not he is who you grab with Dan and is a great one to follow up with Siefried attacking next to drive check a grad 3 for that newly opened spot

Sky Diver (Workeroid)11000 Attk
Continuous【V/R】: If you do not have another《Spike Brothers》 Vanguard or Rear Guard, this Unit loses -2000 Power.
Auto【R】: [Put this Unit into your soul] When this Unit's attack hits, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to 1 《Spike Brothers》 from your Hand and Call it to a Rear Guard Circle.
This guy is mighty handy, fills the soul, 11k, and can superior call from your hand for multiple hits. NOTE!!! this card doesn't specify open circle, so you can call your units through his effect right over top of preexisting units sending them to the drop zone. Remember that this unit had to hit to get his effect.

Unite Attacker (Ogre)10000 Attk
Auto 【V】: During the start of your Main Phase, Soul Charge (1), and for that turn, this Unit gains +2000 Power.
Auto 【V/R】: [Soul Blast (8), Counterblast (5)] When this Unit's attack hits, you may pay the cost. If paid, look at the top 5 cards of your Deck, out of them, choose any number of 《Spike Brothers》 and call them out separately to Rear Guard Circles, Shuffle the Deck afterwards.
Unite always feels like a win more card. He fills the soul and can easily attack for 12k but I don't like to run him since I feel he's not quiet in synch with the rest of the deck. Id rather run more of the other grade 3s that can facilitate more combos.

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