Sunday, December 18, 2011

Changing the direction of this blog: Yugioh can be fun and not break the bank.

I checked and saw that I hadnt posted anything since august. A lot of this has to do with my lack of enthusiasm for yugioh due to the cost of the cards.

The fact is that the trend right now to be tier 1 you need shell out tons of $$$ for your builds. Hey I get a card or 2 being 50-60 but.... total up a rabbit deck with 3 Rescue Rabbits, 3 Tour guides and then slap the XYZ/synchs and other cards in and you paying way too much for card game that has weaker prize support than others and printed by a company that will only reprint them as commons in a couple months.


Im changing the direction of my blog some. Im going to focus on alternative decks that wont break the bank and are still fun and competitive.

So the next couple posts will be about some of the decks that Ive been running lately that have really been doing well and have left enough money in my pocket to have fun.

I hope you enjoy the next couple posts your comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated

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