Friday, January 27, 2012

New Blog- Don't Rage Quit

Im messing with a new blog in addition to this one. Most of my interest in blogging isn't really about meta related stuff or tier 1 decks. I like posting about fun stuff and non traditional builds that I kick around in my spare time. A lot of these builds are geared towards the opponent and having fun at their expense. Thus my 2 favorite builds, "Wetlands Control" (R.I.P substitoad) and my  "Watt the Lock is This!"

I like nothing more than ppl to call my deck gay as I beat them so I dedicated the new blog to exploiting all these things to share more of what Im testing and working on. The new blog is called "Don't Rage Quit" and there is a link here as well as I will post on in the menu. Please let me know any decks you want me to build or themes you think would find a place in such a blog. I already have one request for a Dark Simorg Lockdown deck that so far has out performed beyond my expectations (causing me to dash out and buy $80 worth of cards because I want to run it in real life) I will be posting that soon,

So subscribe to both as I will be using this blog for more of my competitive related stuff that Ive left out in the past


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