Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WTF!!! Wheres my Tsukuyomi

I finally found solid confirmation (vanguard fanatics have known this for a week or 2) that for all the english players we would be receiving as our next set  BT06 Breaker of Limits rather than BT03 Demonic Lord Invasion.

This is a push on Bushiroads part to get the english players caught up to the latest releases and Im assuming that they will have some rapid releases so we get caught up as well.


Well it means that the card releases will no longer follow their introduction in the anime for one. Two it means that we really have to relook at deck construction to take into account cards that we at onetime thought were good and how they will now interact with cards that will be released out of sequence.

So for Pale Moon, Bermuda Triangle and Shadow Paladin players inert your sad face here ____
Nova Grapplers waiting for TD03 you wil have to go ruttle less for a bit
NG players will also not get the Death Army Cards they were expecting and Oracle Think Tank is sadly denied their Goddess Tsukuyomi

There is hope though, from what I gather "unconfirmed" but the boosters will be released 1-2 alternating between the new booster releases with what I would assume the corresponding trial deck releases.

In a lot of ways this is a good move especially for those that hate buying expensive cards with a time limit. Its real easy right now to see which cards will be worthless in future sets that can cost an arm and a leg now. Its definitely painful to buy those cards knowing how much your will lose when the set 2 sets away comes out (ex. Silent Tom)

So now when we talk about sets Ill be posting the full name VG-BT06 Booster of Limits will be called VGE-BT03 Booster of limits (the e is for english :D)
This next release will also correspond with 2 new Trial decks:

VGE-TD03 Slash of the Silver Wolf 


VGE-TD04 Resonance of the Thunder Dragon.

So what decks will be viable?
Again we can look forward to Demonic Lord Invasion and the corresponding Trial Decks soon and I would assume most of you built and bought according to its release so the NGs and OTTs  can still count their decks in, in fact NG gets some Divine Beasts . But now people that wanted to build grand blue are now in the meta big time, those players drooling over Gold Paladin will be happy and additionally those fighters that think Aichi is a pu$$y and see Kai as the true star of the anime can now fight with the Narukamis that he used in season 2.

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