Monday, April 16, 2012

Cardfight Vanguard - Stacking Triggers


If you stack your deck you are a effing loser that needs to be punched in the throat!!!

Im writing this to get the word out there about how stacking functions so you can watch out for it NOT FOR YOU TO DO IT!!!

(Background information)
The readers of this blogs may have seen some of my excitement over Spike Brothers going back a ways. I finally poset about the deck 2 weeks ago. Since then at our Saturday tournament A local player did very well with the deck. Much to my surprise better than I ever did with it (and I test it a lot against all my current built decks: RP, Kag, OTT, Grappler, Grand Blue)

Im not gonna hate, the guy was pulling off wins that were amazing, undefeated on saturday only losing in casual play to my OTT build. It really had me reconsidering what I was doing wrong in running the deck and why I couldn't get such consistency, when I had worked with the deck so much. In fact my build on paper was much more consistent in pulling off the plays that it needs to pull off, since he was still lacking some cards. Now a positive to take away was that he was running milly and I think I really overlooked the importance of her as an extra 10k shield and for her effect. So props to him for that.

Then I started picking up on some talk amongst players (Saturday) that each of the wins he was getting was mostly a result of triggers. Speculations started arising that he was cheating. In a deck like Spike Brothers (like 6 samurais in yugioh and other decks that search a lot) its very easy to search out cards and stack them to the top.

***NOW READ THIS*** Its always been my experience that many card players can't come to grips with their loss they have to find a reason why they loss other than the fact that they were bested in a fair match up. So as a judge you have to listen to all the accusations, file it away and not rush to judgement. I was happy the guy was winning especially with a deck that isn't normally thought to be top tier and one that I think is very underrated.

Now Sunday tournament arises. Let me say to that the sunday tourney was a $25 entry fee $500 prize tourney, with the winner waling away with $200 A BIG DEAL!!!

Going into round 3 the above mentioned player is undefeated and again accusations are floating around (this for me is the worst as a judge Im in such a tough spot but this is the reason why there are judges.)
So I observe the players match and the following video post is what I observed.

In all fairness to the player there is a slim slim slim chance that his shuffling style is such that it fits all the videos criteria for stacking and he is just not cognizant of it. But when the chances of that are less than 5% and each time I observed the shuffle a trigger gets flipped next Im gonna go with the odds and award a game loss with a warning.

In a $25 entry $500 prize tourney taking a game loss that leads to a match loss that then places the player in the losers bracket is a big deal. If it were me and I wasn't cheating Id be red hot pissed!!! this player was calm and accepting of the decision which leads me to believe I made the right call.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER PLAYER'S RESPONSIBILITY???? Why are players not cutting an offered deck after their opponent searches or shuffles in it???

So I made this video so ppl are aware of the issue and take steps to guard themselves. IM JUST PISSED that I feel I can't run my Spike Bros because the black eye the guy gave it at my locals.

Needless to say you should always be cutting your opponents deck after they have touched it. YOur not being mean only making sure everything is on the up and up. If you suspect someone of cheating CALL A JUDGE RIGHT AWAY!!!! Stop everything don't keep playing once play proceeds or cards are scooped a judge can do very little!!! there is nothing wrong in making sure everyone is playing fairly. It is a HUGE tactic for a cheater to not cause a fuss or call attention to what they are doing, just because they are being agreeable doesn't mean you should over look the offense. Many stackers will be very personable so attention isn't made to what they are doing. So stand up for your self and your instincts but do not get into heated argument just call a judge and they will mediate

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