Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dr. O's Strongest Decks - Nova Grappler

In the on going posting of pre-constructed deck lists from Dr. O (the guy that is the go to expert that helps announce in the championships in the anime) here is the latest installment.

These lists are not necessarily the best builds but a good starting point for taking a look at the future sets and how the decks can be constructed. My advice is to proxy them then change them up some.

Especially in this case where we are getting new Novas with the "Breaker of Limits" Set

Perfect riser x4
Asura x4

Kirara x4
Street bouncer x3
HIgh powered rizer x4

Tough boy x3
death army guy x4
Twin blader x3
Rizer custom x4

Battle rizer (FVG) x4
Neko butler x1
Shining lady x4
Grappler maniac x2
Wall boy x4
The gong x2

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