Sunday, April 8, 2012

OTKing in Vanguard - Cardfight Vanguard - Spike Brothers

From what I can gather I think I have found my first OTK in Vanguard and one thats not dependent on checking a trigger. Chances are you will never pull it off but in looking at how it works you really get a good idea of the Spike Brothers dynamic and you can apply small parts of it to how you run the deck.

The Nuts

The Field:
[Driver] - [Seifried] - [Juggs]
[W Boy] - [Dudley] - [W Boy]
Hand: Juggs#2, Diver #2
Soul: 1 Card
Your Damage: 2 Counters
Opponants Damage: 0
Hit 1: Attk w/ Juggs#1 (soul blast to add 5K)
Juggs#1 goes to the deck.
(Im not boosting yet because a lot of decks will take the first damage to utilize for effects and the 15k should be enough for them not to want to wast 2 guards on)
Hit 2: Attk w/ Rider
(with 1 damage chances are your opponent will not guard. You have more chance of them not guarding if he attacked first but to get 2 hits in with out boosting you can't swing with rider first they will see the effect superior call and instantly go into defense mode. Chances are against an experienced player they will guard so you would most probably boost here, but I have a reason why Im doing it this way so just work with me here this also gets at the thought process behind navigating Spike Bros.
Send Rider to your soul and Superior Call your Sky Rider #2
Hit 3: Attk w/ Rider#2 and boost with W Boy
Send Rider#2 to your soul and Superior Call your Juggernaut#2
(Yeah it situational that you loop 2 Riders but it can happen so I felt it important to show that it can be done) Im boosting now because at this time your opponent is saying Oh $#!t and will try to guard and block because they have caught on
Hit 4: Attk w/ Juggs#2 (soul blast to add 5K) and boost with W Boy
Juggs#2 goes to the deck
Hit 5: Attack w/ Seifried, Boost with Dudley
Counter Blast 2 and Superior your last Rider from the Deck if you run 3, or grab a Juggs.Remember this happens when he boosts before the drive checks thats why you wanted to empty 2 spot from your front rear guard before attacking with Siefried, one for Dan and one in case of a drive checked grade 3.
Hit 6: Attack with the unit Dan called from the deck.
Rider for me is the preference only because Seifried checked a grade 3s and called it to the empty spot, leaving another unit from the second check in your hand if its another grade three thats great if its a Braki thats great too this leaves you an out if they turned a heal trigger in all your attacks. Having another rider at this moment means that if the hit lands you can call that checked unit to riders spot for Hit 7 and if a grade 3 was checked from Seifreid then that means you can theoretically hit 8x in one turn so even if they check 2 heal trigger you still OTK.

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