Monday, March 14, 2011

Combos: Trishula's Dojo

In this combo we will go over how to gain infinite Bushido Counters and summon Trishula an infinite amount of times

With Shien's Dojo and Gateway in play summon Mizuho. Add your counters
Special Summon Shinai. Add your counters 
Remove Counters to get a Mizuho
Special summon Mizuho and get your counters
Tribute Shinai 4 Mizuho's effect, destroying herself. Bring Mizuho back 2 the hand with Shinai's effect. 
Remove Counter to bring Shinai to the hand 
Special Mizuho and Shinai get your counters. 
Repeat an infinite amt. of times. Then remove counters to summon a gajillion Sams from your deck
Special Grandmaster,  then send Shien's Dojo to the grave to special Shien's Spy
Synch for Brionac (Grandmaster+Spy)
Use Mizuho's effect on Shinai To make way for Grand Master and Spy (GM 4 counters to hand then special. Spy 6 counter to special)
Synch for Trishula (GM+Spy+Mizuho) let Trishula do his thing. The bounce him with Brionac
Bring back a level 3 Sam (alternate Shinais and Mizuhos so you can special them to the field) + Grand Master + Spy = Trishula. Rinse and Repeat till thier hand, grave and field is devastated then synch into enough monsters to give you game. 

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