Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to Frog Fish: Combo #1 Colossal Arm OTK

Trunade the field. Summon SDKC. Pitch for his effect to summon your 2x Fishborg & 2x Oyster Meister
Synch fish#1 w/ Oyster#1 for Armory Arm. Summon your oyster token
Synch your token with fish#2 for a Formula Synchron and draw your card
Pitch a card to special summon back a fishborg, to Tune w/ SDKC for a Colossal Fighter 
Pitch a card to special summon back a Fishborg, to tune with Oyster for a 2nd Armory Arm. Get your token.
Equip both Arms to your opponents monster with over 800 ATK and proceed to Colossal Arm OTK your opponent.

***Remember don't go for the Colossal Arm if you don't have a clear shot, wait for that trunade or protect yourself against those back rows. If you think that they have an Effect Veiler, bring out a fishborg from the grave first before you summon SDKC so that you can negate the veiler.

BTW...  If they have out a monster with over 1800 ATK then you don't need the 2nd Arm. But do yourself a favor and always check the graveyards for warriors that can alter the attack of your Colossal.

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