Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deck Review: Reckless Dragunity

Ok I was asked by a couple for my current Dragunity deck list and was really hesitant to post it because its still testing a lot of stuff out. But I thought it may be cool to post it so you can see its evolution.

Im a combo guy which can at times make for bad Yugio which really operates of of the K.I.S.S. philosophy (keep it simple stupid), but there is something satisfying for me in complexity. I've been mucking around with that comboism philosophy a bit in the dragunity deck.

At first I ran the deck very conservatively, first turn Stardust with back rows & using Icarus attack, legionnaire and aklys combos alot but soon needed to add more offensive strategies to the deck and realized my wing-beast rarely stuck around to justify deck space for the icarus in the main, from there I  kinda focused on the Ley La Loop a lot but got really tired of the whole field getting nuked from LaDD and mudderfugginbrionaccompulsorybullshit.

So in this build Im much more offensive focused and really going for maximum boss monster presence. Namely Trident Dragon, Red Nova Dragon and Five Headed Dragon and using IRS plays.

II -  Dragunity Aklys - I go back and forh with him at 2 or 3 both work but I may go for a brandystock before adding a 3rd Aklys

I - Dragunity Arma Leyvaten- He is good for my trident dragon plays, can use with future fusion, can be reborned for trident aswell. I was hot on this card but not so much now

III - Dragunity Dux - Id question any deck that run him in less than 3

III - Dragunity Legionnaire - Same as dux but if one had to go to 2 it would be legionnaire though I dont see that happening

III - Dragunity Phalanx - 3 nuff said

II - Effect Veiler - I was running in the side but too many times did I say "I wish I had Veiler" been happy at 2 so I dont see that changing all that much

I - Morphing Jar - Im not really a huge fan so really kept him in the side, but mostly I think its because I test this deck so much against 6 sams. With the way this format is shaping up I may pull him out again this is an iffy card at the moment. May be taking up valuable deck space

I - Malefic Stardust Dragon - There is lest cost to me to get at Trident Dragon this way since I run Stardust at 2 then the removal of 2 dragunities to Special Leyvaten. His protection is good too.

III - Cards of Consonance - Almost never a dead draw (excepting not having a Dragon Ravine or I draw into multiples)

III - Dragon Ravine - key card if I have one out I can always pitch it for the in play ones effect

I - Dark Hole - Staple

I - Forbidden Lance -   I run 1, Ive had it in and out of the deck but ultimately it works pretty go to support all my plays. Considered it at 2 but may run a Book of Moon before I make lance at 2

I - Future Fusion - Really sets up my grave nicely and applies pressure all in the same turn I love watching people waste resources with this card

I - Giant Trunade - Staple

II - Inferno Reckless Summon - I love how easy this card lets me get into  Red Nova but even with out that there are a lot of other plays you can go for with 3 Planxes out.

I - Monster Reborn - Staple or instant Trident Dragon with the proper grave set up

II - Mystical Space Typhoon - Im not a huge fan of the card but there are a couple of cards that can really stop this deck that MST is the best solution for.

I - Pot of Avarice - Meeting the requirement is no biggy and the fact that this deck can deplete a hand like crazy make POA have great synergy with the deck (even with 3 terraforming and 3 Dragon Ravine its still possible to not draw into one) the draw power can be a game saver. Whether this card is a luxury or a necessity though I cant say yet

II - Bottomless Trap Hole
I - Mirror Force
I - Solemn Judgement
II- Solemn Warning
I - Torrential Tribute
I - Trap Stun - this card is a floater, I'll either make space for more, swap for 7 tools or make room for more lances or a book of moon with it

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