Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Card Review: Leyvaten vs Mystletain

Give 2 big dragons 2 big swords and what do you expect. Ish is gonna pop off!!
Ok I realized in looking back Ive been in dragunity madness here and need to diversify some posts but for now Im feeling over sharey of what Im working on. Right now Im weighing the pros and cons of the 2 big sword wheeling dragons above.

When I first started working with the archetype I think I was lulled in to Leyva, dude is big an bad comes out fast and gets you Trident dragon like nobodies biz. Myst suffered from ATK envy. How ever Im now reconsidering.

- (Phlanx + Grave) x (Leyva + Summoned) = Trident Dragon
- 2600 ATK
- Equipped with brandistock, 5200 off the LP
- Can be dumped with Ravine or Future Fusion so that he can wait there for the right moment  when you know you got game.

-the fastest way to a level 8 synchro (Summon phalanx, special Myst, bring back phalanx, SS Phalanx, synch for level 8) and makes not drawing into Dux or having a Ravine in play a lot better
- doesn't remove from play to summon.
- Cleans up your mess, if you have a weak dragunity sitting out there (just did a Aklys Legionnaire play and your stuck with a 1200 ATK just beggin to be smacked,  bam 2100 at your service.

- pains me to remove the monsters to summon him (honestly though most of the time I go to bring him out its to put the final nail in. so this isnt that big a deal)
- Can be a dead draw (slimming from 2 to 1 helped this out but still it mocks me sometimes)

- 2100 is not as good as 2600

Well for now Im gonna say bye bye to leyva and test Myst at 2 to see how it goes. Im gonna bring card of consonance down to 2 as well. With future fusion Ive seen some die in my hand and Im only running 5 targets currently. Still going back and forth over the 2 Forbidden Lance spots. Testing trap stun, 7 tools and D. Prisons (lol Ive even tested Stardust Shimmer which is pretty fun as is battle waltz who lets me keep my stardust out and still go into Trident dragon)

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