Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finally Lehigh Duelist Is Up - Heck yeah!!!

I finally had that WTF moment... after writing for other peoples blogs and on forums for ages I finally sat back and thought ummmmm what am I doing????

Im by far not the glory hound so this blog isnt to support my ego or to brag with, its all about the content and being able to write and speak in a setting where I can exercise full control. As much as I loved writing for other peoples blogs and such I always had to worry how it impacted their image.

So welcome to Lehigh Duelist, every thing Yu-Gi-Oh related. Ill be posting a back log of past deck reviews, talking about the meta, mostly TCG but some OCG. Please subscribe so you stay up to date I will be posting a lot at first due to past articles that have already been written but I will try to spruce them up in view of the new ban list.


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