Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Deck Review: Worm Control

Ok I've been working with worms alot not because Im sold on them being a top tier, ultra competitive architype but because I think they are fun. Many of us are getting away from the fun deck building and in my opinion a it can be 10x more gratifying dueling with a well worked and loved deck that is just as fun to lose with as it is to win.

Now Im not saying that this deck can not be run competitively in fact I test it a lot against all the top decks out now in the meta and it can easily hold its own (some have great difficulty) but like any control deck a lot of its success comes down the ability of the duelist to make judgment calls and read his opponent.

I should note too that I have run through a great many different types of builds from the OTKs to the Control that you see here. I went this way because the OTK  is done better else where, while the control of worms can prove very tricky for your opponents, especially in this meta and with a lot of people having a lack of knowledge of how the archetype works.

Worm Control game play:
The deck is light-medium in the # of Monsters with only core spell support however the deck is very trap heavy. It mostly controls and pluses via the effect of Yagan, so the most common play is normal summon Xex to send Yagan, SS Yagan face down with Yagans effect. I will get more into this when we have a break down of the cards.

The real boon to this deck was the Extreme Victory card W. Nebula Meteor. It has the ability to recycle worm flip effects, gain hand advantage and ss out King (our gravekeeper descendant with a larger attack), in fact you can draw more than a couple comparisons to the Gravekeeper architype.

2x CARTAROS-  He is our ROTA of the deck. He's a great set up card and the effect works well with Meteor. Being a 4 star (like all the worms in this deck) he's a great target to syncro for Triforce and being a light works with Honest. A typical play would be to flip, bring a Xex to hand.

2x KING- I've gone back and forth with him at 1 or 2. 2 can be much but I hate drawing into him before I can get my meteor off.  If you do draw into him he's an easy tribute since you only need 1 worm. The deck can really use the attack of king and His Gravekeeper's Descendant-like effect helps you maintain control. (When Ive run at 1 its been to run a Evil Dragon Ananta or to side into worm Apocalypse)

3x YAGAN- The ability to plus with this card earns it's 3 spots in the deck. Dump him with Xex to SS him facedown if Xex is all you control (even if you control multiple Xexs).

The typical plays:
Summon Xex ; Send Yagan ; SS Yagan facedown ; Flip Meteor ; bounce a monster with Yagan*** ; end turn ; Flip down Xex and Yagan ; Draw 2 ; SS King.

The card plays great with Triforce too if you dump him to the grave and then use Triforce's effect he does not get removed when he leaves the field. You should also note that he will not be removed if he is flipped face down again via the effects of Book of Moon or Meteor.

"After "Worm Yagan" Special Summons itself from the Graveyard, if it is flipped face-up and then face-down by an effect like "Book of Moon", then as soon as it becomes face-down the effect "When this card is removed from the field, it is removed from play." no longer is applied, so it will no longer be removed from play if it is removed from the field.[3]"

3x XEX- 1800 is not to shabby but the advantage is the dumping and special summoning abilities of him

2x BIRDMAN- In this deck he serves multiple uses. First he gets you an easy level 7 sure BRD but mostly Genex Ally Triforce. He also can recycle your Caius

2x CAIUS- There are times you have some worms hanging out there doing nothing or a card that needs removing Caius is your go to guy. His removal effect can be a game saver.

1x HONEST- Honest is honest, you have multiple targets and can be great if you have a yagan sitting out there.

1x BOOK OF MOON- Stops syncro summons, lets my low attack worms maybe get over a high attack that has a low defense, and can rest a worm to reuse the flip effect (In Yagan's case can cause him to not get removed from play via his effect)

1x DARK HOLE - can actual be a great way to reestablish control esp if you have random worms up and not doing much for you except blocking a yagan special summons.

2x MYSTICAL SPACE TYPHOON- no need for explanation.

1x MONSTER REBORN- no need for explanation.

2x POT OF DUALITY- no need for explanation. Can be run at 3x too

2x BOTTOMLESS TRAP HOLE- No Need for explanation

2x DIMENSIONAL PRISON- Protects my smaller guys from attack by removing the problems esp ones I dont want in the graveyard

1x ROYAL OPRESSION- A big card in the control arsenal

1x MIRROR FORCE- No Need for explanation

3x OFFERING TO THE SNAKE DIETY- Its the worm Icarus Attack, I go back and forth between 2-3 (I at times will pull one for stardust road)

2x SEVEN TOOLS OF THE BANDIT- Im a big seven tools fan, I love paying my thousand after they pay 2000 or 1/2 their lp

1x SOLEMN JUDGEMENT- No Need for explanation

2x SOLEMN WARNING- No Need for explanation

1x TORRENTIAL TRIBUTE- No Need for explanation

3x W. NEBULA METEORITE- Its like the swiss army knife of the deck. It triggers your flip effect (rota like effect with cartaros, compulsory-like with yagan, Dust Tornado with apocalypse), will flip up your opponents, resets your worms in face down, draws you cards and specials your King from the deck. Its a crazy plusing machine

3x GENEX ALLY TRIFORCE- Since this deck doesnt run a way to effectively get at Worm Zero you can very easily get at TRIFORCE that has a scaled down version of Zero's 1st effect. Allows for multiple abuse of Yagan, and can generate tributes for Ciaus and King, and can also fuel Kings effect

Im not really going to get into the extra too much its mostly gonna be level 7s BRD, Scrap Archfiend, Ancient fairy Dragon etc.

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