Friday, May 6, 2011

Combos: Trish's Fishes (Part 2 - The Set Up)

Ok so you special summoned or normal summoned a Seaking with out using Star Blast so his level is unchanged. WTF do you do now????

If you have out a SDKC and at least 2 cards in hand you can begin the set up for the FTK/OTK. But honestly your gonna be going for this right of the bat so you will have more cards in hand (hopefully)

Some things to remember is that you will need to dump at least one fishborg other than the one you will SS with SDKC and you will need to dump at least 1 Level Eater. The deck is comprised of cards that will let you draw deeper if you do not. Dumping 2 Level Eaters makes it easier but not necessary and drawing into multiple Symbols is handy too.

If you fear the Veiler and drew into a oyster or fishborg (and have the ability to special SDKC) then summon the fish first to block the veiler play when SDKC comes out. having to do this with oyster is a pain because you will need 3 for this tutorial but there is a work around by using symbols once yo have 3 oysters in the grave

Ok this is where it start to not look exactly like Fish OTK. You pitch (hopefully a level eater or a fishborg) to SS 3x Oysters and 1 Fishborg

fish+oyster=Arm ; summon your token

equip arm to SDKC to clear a slot we were after the token all along ; discard last card (hopefully Fshborg or Level Eater) to SS fishborg

Token + Fishborg = Formula ; draw your card

Formula + Oyster = Librarian ; SS your token

Discard for Fishborg ; Token + Fishborg = Formula #2 ; Draw 2 cards

Formula + Oyster = Sea Dragon ; This token is very important having it on the field is what will allow you to keep abusing fishborg so dont go for your 3rd formula just yet. ; Draw a card

Discard for Fishborg (but be mindful of whats in your graveyard first, take a peek at the next step)

Now at this point you have discarded 3x, hopefully one of those discards was a Level Eater. If you hadn't drawn into one yet before your last discard then you should have abused some of your  draw cards (moray, card destruction, hand destruction etc.) to try to get one to hand before last fishborg summon.

Fishborg + Sea Dragon = Dewloren#1 ; Draw a card

Reduce Dew to lv. 5 to SS Level Eater 

Bounce everything but Librarian, Dew and the token with Dew's effect (this includes any equip cards you may have had out DDR, Arm, etc) we will need 2 monster slots to work with

Discard your LEVEL EATER to SS Fishborg

Lv. 5 Dew + Fishborg = Dew #2 (this is a loop) ; Draw your MFing card :)

reduce Dew #2 to lv. 5 ; SS Level Eater

Bounce Level Eater

Discard Level Eater ; SS Fishborg

Lv. 5 Dew#2 + Fishborg = Dew #3 ; Draw a card

Ok that makes 3 Dewlorens, 3 means we can use Symbols of Heritage to fuel the Trishula part of the combo.  Next we need to make sure we have a Symbols in hand if we didnt draw into one.

Also note that we will need 2x Fishborgs in the grave at this point, You should have been making dumping Fishborg and Level Eaters a priority. Use your cards to draw into 'em and have them there before you discard in the next step.

Discard to SS Fishborg ; Dew#3 + Fishborg = Powertool ; Draw a Card ; Use powertools effect to grab the 3 symbols you didnt draw into let them pick :) (now DDR is an equip as well if you drew into symbols then DDR can be your 3rd, hopefully they give you a 2nd symbols but if not thats one more card in your hand to burn with later)

With a symbols in hand we are ready to move on. We will have to sacrifice this last token to summon our 3rd Formula Synchron. This means no more fishborg abuse :( so to do this and not trip yourself up discard 2 cards and SS 2 Fishborgs.

Fishborg + Token = Formula #3 ; Draw 2 cards

Do you like drawing all these cards? YEAYY - Do you love lIbrarian? YEAYY  - Well we are gonna get rid of him so we can make Brionac who can work with fishborg and fuel the combo? BOOOO - But were gonna remake a 2nd Librarian so we can draw more cards with Trishula and Stardust? YEAYYY!

Reduce Librarian to 4 ; SS Level Eater

Lv. 4 Librarian + Formula = Brionac ; NO you don't get to draw a card

Play symbols ; SS Dewloren

Bounce everything but Dew so that we can try to get our  Librarian back. YEAYY!

This is a bit complex but to get Librarian (lv5), with fishborg (lv1) we are gonna need a lv. 4 water monster. Since we know we can get Dew back with symbols each time lets make him our lv 4.

If you have 2 Level Eaters in the Grave you can bring em both out to make him a 4 and then bounce them with Brio, but lets do this the hard way. No Level Eaters in the Grave and only one in the hand

Set a card ; discard Level Eater to bounce it with Brio. now you can reduce Dew to Lv 5

Diacard a card ; Bounce Level Eater to the hand with Brio

Set a card ; discard Level Eater to bounce it with Brio. now you can reduce Dew to Lv 4

Lv 4 Dew + Fishborg = Librarian #2 YEAYYY!!!

Now this should look familiar if you already read part 3 ; This field is the set up for the Trishula loop ; Play Symbols for Dew ; Bounce Symbols with Dew and let the fun begin.

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