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Cardfight Vanguard - Frequently Asked Questions (non-card specific)

Im going to get into some basics and more expanded explanation of things in the instruction book later. For now Im going to assume that you can read the book and have a somewhat knowledge base of trading card games to decipher it with.

Ill get into some more card specific stuff later as well

Q. If my Vanguard is Grade 2, can I ride a Grade 1 Unit on it?
A. No, if your Unit is lower than the Grade of your current Vanguard, you cannot Ride. However, you can Ride a lower grade Unit due to a card effect.

Q. To make a Grade 1 Rearguard appear, do I have to ride on top of a Grade 0 Rearguard first?
A. No. Rearguards do not ride. You can directly call out a Unit whose Grade is less than or equal to that of your current Vanguard.

Q. Can I call a Grade 2 Rearguard if I have a Grade 1 Vanguard?
A. No. You cannot call Units whose Grade is greater than that of your Vanguard. However, you are allowed to call Higher Grade Units via Card Effects.

Q. If my Vanguard is Grade 2, can I call a Grade 2 Unit?
A. Yes. You can call a Unit whose Grade is equal to the Grade of your Vanguard.

Q. If there is a Rearguard already in the Rearguard Circle, can I call a Rearguard?
A. Yes. At that time, when the new Unit appears, the Previous Unit is retired.

Q. What happens to a unit when it is retired?
A. It goes to your drop zone unless a card effect specifies somewhere else.

Q. Can I purposely have my Unit rest?
A. Yes, you can do so.

Q. Can an "Activate" effect be used multiple times during the Main Phase?
A. Yes, during your Main Phase, as long as you can pay the cost of that card, you can activate that effect multiple times.

Q. When a "When this Card Appears/Attacks" Effect is activated, can I pay the cost twice to activate it twice when it appears/attacks?
A. No, you cannot. An "Auto" effect when dealing with that Timing of "When", can only be activated once. You cannot pay the cost more than once.

Q. With an effect that activates when "When this attacks", when does it activate?
A. After you declare an attack and make that unit Rest.

Q. With an effect that activates "When this Boosts", when does it activate?
A. After you declare the Boost and make that unit Rest.

Q. When "When this attacks" and "When this boosts" effects happen at the same time, who is activated first?
A. Since they happen at the same time, the Fighter can resolve them in any order he or she desires.

Q. When I attack, can I select my opponent's Standing Unit to Battle?
A. Yes, you can select it. During the Battle with your opponent, if your opponent has a Unit in the front row, it can be selected to battle regardless of whether it is Resting or Standing.

Q. Can I attack with a Unit at Rest?
A. No, you cannot.

Q. Can I attack with a Unit that has Boosted another Unit?
A. No, you cannot.

Q. My Rearguard is hit, do I retire the Unit behind it in the Backrow?
A. No, you do not. The battle only occurs with the Front Row Unit. The Back Row Unit is not retired.

Q. What happens if a Unit with 2 Critical hits an opponent's Rearguard with its Attack?
A. Regardless of the Critical, the Unit that was hit is retired. The Vanguard does not receive damage as a result.

Q. What happens if the opponent's Unit has more Power than mine?
A. The Attack fails to hit and the Battle Ends. The attacking Unit is not retired and you receive no damage.

Q. How long do the bonuses granted by Trigger Effects last?
A. During only that turn. The Trigger Effect bonuses increasing Power and Critical no longer apply once you reach the End Phase.

Q. When using Twin Drive or receiving 2 Damage, and you Trigger Check a Draw Trigger, do you Draw First or do you resolve the 2nd Trigger Check first?
A. The Trigger Effect to draw occurs first. If all other card effects have been resolved, you then preform the 2nd Check.

Q. When you're damage and you Damage Check a Trigger Unit. You add the +5000 bonus to your Vanguard to exceed the Power of the attacking Unit. Is the damage negated?
A. You already took the damage, so it cannot be negated.

Q. If I have a Damage Zone with 5 Cards in it and I get a Heal Trigger. Do I lose in that case?
A. No, you do not. At that time, you activate the Trigger Unit's effect to send a Card from the Damage Zone to the Drop Zone and then place that card in the Damage Zone.

Q. Can I call any number of Guardians?
A. Yes, you can.

Q. When you place a unit with Intercept in the Guardian Circle, can you Call a Unit from your hand to be a Guardian as well?
A. Yes, you can. You can call Units from your hand as Guardians and have Units Intercept together.

Q. How long does the Bonus from the Guardian last?
A. The Guardian stays for the battle. At the end of the Battle, the Guardian is retired, and it only lasts for 1 battle.

Q. Can I Intercept with a Unit at Rest?
A. Yes, you can.

Q. I have a Unit with 8000 Power attack, and a Guardian with a 10000 Shield is called. Is that Guardian Retired after the battle?
A. Yes, it is retired. When the Results of Battle are decided, regardless of your opponent's Power, the Guardian is retired after the Battle.

Q. Is a Unit that Intercepts retired after the battle?
A. Yes, it is retired.

Q. I am the attacking player, can I, the attacking player, call out a Unit as a Guardian to power up the Attacking Unit?
A. No, you cannot. Guardians cannot be Called except by the Defending Player.

Q. The Attacking Unit gets a Power Up due to a Trigger Effect. Can I call an additional Guardian?
A. No, you cannot. You can only call a Guardian during the Guard Step. You cannot call a Guardian during the Drive Check.

Q. What happens when you have 0 Cards in your Deck?
A. If a Fighter's Deck becomes 0, they lose.

Q. Is there a Hand Size Limit?
A. No, there is not. You do not adjust your hand size at the End Phase.

Q, Can I intercept from the Back row?
A. No, you cannot. You can only Intercept from the Front Row.

Q. I turn over a Critical Trigger in a Drive Check. Is it possible to divide the Critical Bonus and Power Bonus between separate Rearguards?
A. Yes, you can do so. You can give the +1 Critical to one Rearguard, and the +5000 Power to a different Rearguard.

Q. Can a Unit with a Grade higher than that of your Vanguard be called as a Guardian.
A. No, you cannot. You cannot call a Unit whose Grade is greater than that of your Vanguard.

Q. Can I only ride Units of the Same Clan for my Vanguard.
A. No, you can Ride Units of different Clans.

Q. When I attack, can I select an opponent's Back-row Rearguard for that Battle with my opponent?
A. No, you cannot. You can only Attack an Opponent's Unit that is in the front row. However, there are some units that will allow you to attack an opponent's Unit in the Back Row.

Q. If I win Rock-Paper-Scissors, can I select if I go first or second.
A. No, you cannot choose. Please decide who goes first randomly. Playing Rock-Paper-Scissors is supposed to decide who gets to go first. Please begin after who goes first has been decided.

Q. When I place a Card in the Soul and Damage Zone, do I make sure they're face-up?
A. Yes. Other than your hand and Deck, all contents must be made visible to your opponent. If a card in the Damage Zone is flipped face-down, you and your opponent both have the right to check and confirm them.

Q. Can I Attack during the same turn I Ride or Call?
A. Yes, you can.

Q. When a card has multiple Costs (Ie. "Soul Blast 8 Cards; Counter Blast 5 Cards") can I select whether cost I want to pay or do I need to payl all costs?
A. No. You must pay all the costs within the [ ] Cost Text to use that effect.

Q. How long does a Boost last?
A. Until the End of that Battle.

Q. Do I always Drive Check twice with a "Twin Drive!!"?
A. Yes. You always Drive Check twice.

Q. If I Ride a Vanguard on a Resting Vanguard, is the Vanguard I Rode Resting?
A. No. Unless you are told otherwise, when a unit appears, it appears Standing.

Q. When I have a Vanguard of Grade 1 or less, and I have a Grade 2 Unit who appeared due to a Card Effect, can I use its "Intercept"?
A. Yes, you can. "Intercept" is calling a Guardian, but remember, when Abilities are involved, Vanguard Grade is not factored in.

Q. When using "Sleeves", what should you be careful to do?
A. To make sure all of your cards are indistinguishable, you should use only one style of sleeve per Deck. As well, you cannot use sleeves with noticeable scratches or distortions. Your Sleeve should also not be marked in any manner, and it should leave your card visible so that any effects or text is able to be discerned by all players involved. Also, using multiple sleeves for each card results in making it harder to discern the sleeve, makes it easier to stack cards, and can make it difficult to shuffle your deck due to being too thick, so it's not recommended.

Q. Can I take Notes during the game, or mark things using Dice or Coins or whatnot?
A. No, you are not allowed to keep notes, and you should not need Dice or Coins to do anything. Things unrelated to tournament play should be kept off the tables. For the use of things like Fighters Coins, please follow the instruction and discretion of your Judge and/or Tournament Staff.

Q. When you preform a Shuffle, how careful should one be?
A. A player should do the shuffle first, and to make sure you can't identify cards, shuffle very carefully. Then politely ask your opponent to preform a cut and shuffle.

Q. If I think my opponent's shuffle is not good enough or dubious, what should I do?
A. If you do not think your opponent has done a good enough job, please ask them politely to do it again. If you think your opponent still has not shuffled enough, call for the Judge and/or Tournament Staff, and follow their instructions.

Q. During a Tournament, I have something I need to do (Such as retiring Units), and I accidentally forget, what should I do?
A. If you're sure you made a mistake, please inform the Judges or Tournament Staff, and follow their instructions. If the game has proceeded incorrectly, but you cannot reverse back to the situation when the error started, it is likely to result in a loss. If you notice problems, tell the Judge and/or Tournament Staff as soon as possible.

Q. If during the Tournament, what do I do if my opponent's plays are different from how the rules state things are supposed to be done?
A. If you're sure something's wrong, please tell the Judge(s) and/or Tournament Staff, and then follow their instructions. Let them evaluate the situation, and determine who was right in this case. Trying to force a decision after it's decided just leads to fights. If your opponent seems to know the rules, check with them, try to resolve it, and tell the Judge and/or Tournament Staff.

Q. When a Ride is done by a card effect, do you have to follow the normal grade chain (0 > 1 > 2 > 3)
A. No, a Ride by a card effect (known as a Superior Ride) is Ridden regardless of Grade. Checking and following grades are only done for the purposes of a Ride following the procedures of the Ride Phase (Normal Ride).

Q. When you Call by a card effect, do you check the Grade?
A. No, a Call by a Special Effect (Superior Call) does not require you to check the Grade. Checking the Grade is only done when you Call a unit from your hand to your Rearguard during the Main Phase OR When you call a Guardian from your hand during the Guard Step (Nomal Call).

Q. Please tell me more about the procedures concerning Attacking and Boosting during the Attack Step?
A. You preform the Attack Step following the following procedures.
(1) You Attack with a Unit then Boost the Unit and then specify the attack target.
(2) You resolve Auto Effects of "When this unit attacks", "When this unit is attacked", "When this unit boosts", "When this unit is boosted".
(3) The Power of a Boosting Unit is added to the Boosted Unit.
(4) If there are other Auto Effects to be resolved, resolve them.

Q. What does "Original Power" mean?
A. The Power written on the card before their skills that change them is applied.

Q. Can I pay the cost for an effect (ie. Llew's CB) and decide not get the effect?
A. Yes, you can.

Q. When you search your Deck for a Card, what do you do if there's no such card in your Deck?
A. You do nothing. With nothing to add to your hand, you do what follows after ways. In that case, if you're finished viewing your Deck, you shuffle your Deck.

props to Eien for typing this all out

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