Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cardfight!! Vanguard - An Intro to why Im playing it

Im gonna be taking a break from Yu-Gi-Oh for a bit. Probably pick it up when battle packs come out, not sure. Im not gonna say the ban list, or the current meta or high priced the cards have become as a reason why this is. But I can honestly say after playing some Vanguard it has a lot of the fun element and challenge that I was finding lacking from Yu-Gi-Oh.

So Im gonna run some posts about the game, dynamics, decks, combos FAQs etc etc to help promote the game because in all honestly its appealing to not just disenchanted yu-gi-oh players but magic players that Ive been teaching it to have been loving it as well.

Vanguard is:
- extremely balanced
- new enough that power creep isn't creating out of balanced effect for cards
- Extremely affordable (total up your wind up or inzector deck then look at a $25 trial deck for vanguard ) the most expensive card in a deck may be around $36-46
- Great card art
- One of the most informative animes to where if you watch enough episodes most of your game questions will be answered (try that with yu-gi-oh and you will be summoning cards in face up defense)
- Its new and you don't have to contend with ppl that have been playing forever so you have as much chance to pick it up and win a tourney as almost anyone

In the end Im not a guy to say sell your yu-gi-oh cards and only play vanguard, what Im saying is that its such a nice complement to pick up the game to do something different and really have fun and enjoy


"The games are so fast and there doesn't seem to be a lot of strategy."

-Most of the game play you have seen up until a day or so ago is mostly based on the 2 trial decks (Royal Paladin and Kagero) Many have not invested in booster buying or looked at the next set which is now out and future sets. When you progress beyond the trial packs the game really opens up. You will start to see tons of combos and effects that you didn't see before, and as new clans get support the game will diversify. fast hitting games will yield to longer more strategy oriented ones. This is going to really be a non issue now that the second set is out.

ummmm actually thats the only negative Ive heard not a single person Ive played with has had a bad experience to the game. So stay tuned Im gonna post a lot of informational and instructional posts soon to answer and game related questions people may have after reading the instruction book (which left a lot of gray areas )

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