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Deck Profile: Grand Stun

I know its been a while and things were kind of Vanguard like around here for a bit but...

Back to my first and true love Yuggz

 For those that have known me for a while may remember that 2 years ago with the release of Koa'ki Meiru Wall I was a Rock Stunner.

If you wanted to peek at my build from 11/4/10 its right here (and thats just the deck before the release of wall I did change it some as I played it more bringing in Gaia Plate etc)

 I love that it had answers to almost every deck, what I didnt like what the cost of that negation and no real way to keep it going. You will notice that I ended up not going the COTH Route back then and instead ran D Fissure with Release (this is still viable in this meta too for those wanting to test) But now with the release of this guy

Shit just got real

It means that you can negate with abandon and keep bringing them back. Theres also more reasons too that this architype is coming into its own but Ill get into that in a second.

First a shot of the deck (still in construction and Ill talk about the varients at the end)

Im not gonna bore you with a long discussion here about the Koa'ki Meirus, just go read the card and view the rulings to familiarize yourselves.

The Cornerstone 
Rock Golem- This card is the keystone to the new play style If you can get him out and you have the cards in the grave you can either set up for locking the field down or XYZ into grade 4s right away. Also in the side is Fossil Dyna and his effect is not hampered by Block Golems negation effect.

So right away he pluses, then if need be you can bring him back via COTH, Reborn, or Release to plus more. The biggest problem you will have will be getting the grave filled with the monsters you need to abuse his effect. The solution are 4 cards. Trooper, Catapult Zone, Jar and even Dark Hole.

Card Trooper- is huge in this deck despite not being a rock. To mill 3 means fodder for Rock G. Gaia Plate, Grandsoil, CotH, Reborn etc. Also the 1900 will help you vs TKRO which can hurt the deck someThe level 3 Earth is nice to for xyz summons

Boss Monsters (Grandsoil and Gaia)
Grandsoil- is super easy to bring out and the fact that it can grab Block G., Barbaros @3k, or anything from the opponants grave can be a game ender. But in addition the card has the capacity to die in hand so the level 8 makes it a great Trade In target too as well as making grade 8 xyzs possible. JUST REMEMBER his Battle Phase effect if you use him to XYZ with or if he leaves the field for any reason (compulse will make you sad faced)

Gaia Plate the Earth Giant
Another trade in target and reveal card for your KMs. But even more so he can remove cards to control the grave for grandsoil, set up for Release combos (SS Gaia by removing Block G., Release to SS Block G. tribute for 2x level 4s, normal a level 4 for shock master or just normal a 3rd KM to have spells, traps and Effects covered with Gaia sitting pretty on the field. However this is not a easy card to play you need to think about the costs and which cards to remove, but if done right theres not to many monsters he cant get over and you can always xyz him off for a grade 8

The Pain in the Ass
Revival Golem- Car is a pain when used right for your opponent. He is so under rated in his simplest form you set him and he sits there at 2100 defense and with his effect you can bring him to hand to have a reveal for your KM monsters but  mostly will be sending him to the grave via Trooper, or Catapult and he will be ss for xyz summons. Using one of his effects is mandatory so if you have a grandsoil in your hand and 4 earths in the grave, sadly you gotta ss him or bring him to hand.

The Other Guys
Arguably you could pull granmole and Jar from the line up sure they are rocks for reveals and earths for Grandsoil, mole is even a 3 star earth for some interesting XYZ plays. Jar is in here to fill the grave and or replenish your hand when you need him hes great when you dont he's a reveal for the KMs. But Ill be the first to say that the card may find its way out for cards that will help you in your meta. Granmole is in the same boat, when you need him hes great but not essential to the main theme of this build. You may switch them out for needed spell and traps (even skill drain) or to go for a more control variant with more KMs. Some aggro players may run Giant Rat in here instead to speed up your plays and

The Field Spell
So many rock stun players hate Catapult Zone, and in a big inzektor format I may too. But in all my testing so far the card works wonders. In a lot of instances I have good control of the board with my KMs the most common way out for opponents is to attack over the one that is giving them the most issues. Thats where ppl run solidarity or other such cards that can pump up the monsters or they prematurely XYZ into something bigger giving up control and losing some field presence, or they run cards like D Prison or Mirror force to counter this (a great option and may be the route you decide to go in) For me though I love how it can help me control the grave or get me a free Revival G.

Ex. This guy just attacked into Wall with a 3600 attack E Hero. The  Zone kept Wall on the field, got me a Revival G. Next turn I could go into Shockmaster then use Block G. to help me gain even more control

The Draw Power
Draw power is an issue. Sure we got the Pots in there and Jar and maybe a trooper via effect. But This is where Trade in comes into play. We have 7 targets (6 if you feel 3 gaias are too much) it really does wonders for those cards that can die in your hand or if you need one more earth in the grave for grand soil or Gaia, or for CatH or Reborn.

The Win More
Im a bit undecided on Release from the Stone. In the case of Gaia he's amazing I can abuse Block G. Like mad and it really helps make Gaia a viable card in the deck (along with trade in) But its one of those cards that maybe viewed as "Win More" especially with 3 CotH and 1 Monster Reborn. It may be more effective to keep the monsters in the grave and SS them that way. The reason why I havnt shed it yet is that it gives me a balanced feel to the game play that all the cards can be used and feel that they dont go somewhere to die and not be accessible. I cant tell you how often the grave is overloaded with earths making Soil inaccessible. Gaia summon removes 2, Release brings back Block G. Tribute Block to bring out 2 Monsters so now Im 3 earths less than when I started. If I need more than next turn I remove fro Gaias effect or I go into CotH or Reborn for 1 more earth or into Block to make it 2 less earths. SO for now Im liking the options of having 2 Releases in the deck

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