Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Deck Profile: Acid Burn

I've been playing with an obscene amount of decks lately, my watts got their seahorse as well as support for a bunch of my other fun deck, but most notably Fish and Dragunities which Ill be posting soon as well as some Infernity stuff. But to kick off all the festivities is one of the most trollish decks Ive ever ran. Bahamut Burn

It revolves around one of my more favorite cards from ABYR Bahamut Shark

At first I was like huh??? Then I checked out Mermail Abysstrite and I got it... but I looked up a list of all the other targets and I saw this guy Acid Golem

My first thought was OMG thats horrible with no material I not only cant attack but I cant special summon and take 2000 each turn WHY THE HELL WOULD I EVER DO THAT??

Well because with creature swap or Mystic Box it becomes the most trollish card in yugioh

What if you could basically lock the field down and send this guy to your opponents side. The only way to really play around it is to blow the guy up or tribute over him. SO heres the build

OK So first things first whats the play?

With a creature on your opponents side and rabbit and creature swap in hand you summon rabbit, banish the furball for 2 level 4 normal monsters, XYZ for Bahamut Shark, discard a matierial for Acid then creature swap him for your opponents monster. 

Unlike most other one trick pony troll decks this one is set up to have that as not the only win condition.  Morey of Greed lets you send those pesky vanillas back to the deck where they belong and Tinplate also makes good use of the vanillas you draw into as well.

When this card is Normal Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 Levelmonster from your hand.

I know right!!!! Broke sauce. If you draw into Kabazauls and this guy you can go right into a grade 4 xyz... maybe not Dolka or Laggia but hell it beats normaling the Kabazuals right?

You will also notice that TGU and sangan are here as well, you can grab you banished rabbit for more hijinx with TGU to Levier plays and sangan puts in that searching work. 

If something was missing from the deck that I may change is the lack of Pot of Avarice, the way the deck runs you can keep a constant flow of grad 4s coming  out and that recycling is probably way needed.


Heres the deal with hydro hes a 1600 attack level 4 water dinosaur. He's Guiaiba's weaker younger brother, But heres where he excels. When hes not needed you can send him away with Moray to use later. If you can use him now then break him out and get that effect of for a second one. Dino means Laggia and Dolka, Water 4 means Shark for your acid plays. Hes the reason why theres 3 lances in the build.

The key to running this deck effectively is gonna be backing up your Acid plays with some of that sweet dino action Laggia and Dolka and even in the right moment going into a gagaga cowboy for that little 800 push

Any deck that tribute summons... Chaos Dragons, Monarchs, That one lonely puddingcess :)
so in the side you should consider.
Mask of Restrict solves half the problems which stem from it being tributed away
Decks that have a lot of destruction are a problem as well, (decks that dont need to special summon to do it and can target cards on their sides, Like Inzektors (Shadow Imprisoning Mirror) or ones that can spam into Scrap Dragon (not that huge of a deal since you should be able to stop a lot of this with the right back row that you already main)

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