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Combos: Trish's Fishes (Part 1 - The Draw)

Im going to preface this part with a couple comments. You may have heard of the phrase "it takes a village to raise a child" It means no one person really is responsible for making a child who they grow up to become. There is to much interaction with the environment and those around you that shape a person. Yu-Gi-Oh deck building is no different. I've been a Frog player since 2009 when Swap Frog was released in SOVR, I still play a variation of wetlands control (cant wait for replacement toad). I have online articles that are dated that show my development of FrogTK, I also wrote the first online guide on the building and use of the deck as well as forums that show it being developed. But even then I will not sit here and get mad at people that claim similar credit. (Although I did start this blog at first because I wanted better documentation of my ideas time coded but have since realized just how silly that is)

With the number of people in the world playing Yu-Gi-Oh and the limited number of cards it only makes sense that multiple people can build using similar cards and independently come to the same conclusions (I was actually working on a world lock frog deck and a exodia frog deck when I stumbled on to the idea of frogtk) I just recently started reading other players blogs (something I never really did before) and was astounded that some people were testing things and doing things that I thought myself unique in. It takes one person teching one card and sharing the success of it with others to get others moving in a similar direction. Adopting that card does not taint your creativity in the deck nor does it make that deck another persons build. The whole point of this ramble is that nobody really owns a build. Too many people contribute and the ygo community is to closely networked for people to claim ownership. I understand alot of the egos that are out there (and I was and still am one of them), that for them deck building is their rock star status but in the end it was not just one person, it was a village

BUT... there are many out there who do make unbelievable leaps to connect random cards together for synergy and have a great strategic mind and credit should always go to those that its due. Everybody likes recognition So I will make mention of people whom have contributed as best as I can.


Trish's Fishes is a fusion of FrogTK and FrogFish, in July 2010 when I  started working with Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth (yes I was doing Frogfish or FishTK in July, it was formula Synchron and Red Nova that made me interested in it) it was no biggy we had Substitoad, but 8/18/10 a day that will live in infamy, I learned subby will get hit (RIP Subby), Heavy Storm was still around, cold wave is now gone and you didn't have Warnings. It was this environment that shaped FrogFish. So in any OTK used NOW... Giant Trunade is way important... unless you can beat the back rows making OTK an FTK

For an FTK to function the draw is way important. The water monsters have an advantage with Moray of Greed, and the fact that most of them function in the grave makes Hand and Card Destruction so successful in FrogTK, which even if it could have use POD it couldn't because of the special summoning and since the burn was specific Upstart never worked either (unlike Trish's Fishes) but all these are draw support cards whats most important are the cards you need to draw to go off.

The FTK can go off if you draw:
Swap Frog + An Aqua Monster (not SDKC or Oystermeister) + SDKC

If you draw a frog as your aqua you pitch em to SS Swap. Send Ronin to the grave. Remove the pitched frog to SS Ronin. Normal summon SDKC

If you draw Fishborg you pitch fishborg to SS Swap. Send a frog to the grave. Discard to SS Fishborg and then normal SDKC

****Swap Frog + Monster Reborn + SDKC****

Pitch SDKC to SS Swap. Send your Frog. Recall swap to hand. Monster Reborn your SDKC

****Foolish Burial + Monster Reborn****

Hey I love Swap too but you can also get your SDKC in the grave to be reborn with foolish too
Star Blast + SDKC

you can reduce SDKC level to 1 right away to normal summon him. Being a 1 star water you can synch him with fishborg right away for a Formula Synchron. I first learned of Star Blast on March 6th from a player named Bear who's team took first at the Kumamoto One Coin Cup (OCG)

****Gold Sarcophagus + D.D.R.****

DDR was a go to card in post-substitoad frog builds as ways to make dupe locks (never really worked great) But the cards value was made apparent by Michael Bonacini who uses Gold Sarch to remove a SDKC and then Summon him via DDR

****Gold Sarcophagus +Hidden Armory****

Hidden Armory is like a terraforming for your D.D.R. and because D.D.R specials there is no conflict. However if you draw into a Oystermeister you really gotta think your way out and you cant summon a Fishborg or Oyster first to protect your SDKC from Effect Veiler

There are tons of other cards that can work as well some more consistent than others

YOU MAY NOTICE, there are some **** around a couple of the combos these are all ones that leave you open to still normal summon. I think this is important because if you draw into an oystermeister its much easier to normal summon him out then to do discard acrobatics. As in any FTK the less cards you need to draw the better. BTW drawing into a Level Eater early doesn't hurt either :)

ALSO for those that are going to start whining about this deck just go with the flow it will be gone by next ban list with Generation Force coming out and all the water support thats coming: Cards like surfacing etc.

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