Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Combo: Trishes Fishes (Part 3 - Trishula)

You will notice that this combo is part 3. Im still trying to figure out how Im going to do part 1 and 2 because there are a couple different ways do them. You can see the starblast way to go through all steps over at this link but for the most part the mechanics of part 3 (and the forth coming part 4) are the same so Im starting here. and gonna work backwards then forwards. Its kinda good to do it this way as well because yugioh like life doesn't follow a step by step formula. Despite what people will say about this deck, having a good understanding of how to pick up mid way through the combo or begin it from different parts will be essential for consistency because you may not always draw into what you need or you may hit a random road block tossed your way

To give you a little table of contents re: all the parts to this deck:
1). The Draw
2.) The Setup
3.) Trishula
4.) Game

Field: Librarian, Brio & Level Eater (LE). to spam out multiple Trishulas you need these cards, two open monster spots, 3 Formula Synchrons and 3 Dewlorens in the grave with Symbols of Heritage in hand with at least one other discard. This is super easy to establish turn 1 and Ill go over that in the other steps.  I did go over all of this in my earlier post but this step seems to be tripping people up a bit. PROBLEMS: "LE is in hand but not the grave" NP all you do is set a spell, bounce it back with Brio's effect and discard the LE to the grave. "I dont have a LE in hand" then you can repeat part 2 till you draw into one or a foolish burial. Anything else wrong and you either didnt follow steps 1-2 or hit a road block that didnt let you complete them. Ill have a blog going over other problem solving

Summon Dew with symbols. Use Dew's effect to bounce symbols to hand.

Field now looks like this. Memorize this field cuz this will be how the loop comes back around.

Play symbols to summon Formula Synchron (FS). Discard a card to bounce the symbols back to your hand with Brio's effect.

LE+Dew+FS=Trishula. Draw your card and remove your opponents cards

Level Eat Trish to level 8, summoning LE, Play symbols to summon Dew. Bounce Trish and Symbols with Dew's effect.

Your field now looks like this. Look familiar? Sure it does its the same field as 5 pictures up. Rinse and repeat till they have no hand.

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