Saturday, April 2, 2011

Combos: Trish's Fishes

 Lear how a couple fish can summon Trishula almost an infinite amount of times (maybe even in the first turn)

Summon SDKC with Star Blast reducing his level to 1 (-3000 lp) this combo can be modified so that this is not a necessity but is much easier this way to allow you to go right into Formula Synchron. With SDKC's effect send Level Eater (LE) to the grave to bring out 2xOyster and 2xFishborg

Synch Fish with the lvl 1 SDKC for Formula Synchron#1, and draw your card. (Please not that the pictures try to show all the drawing that will take place but I know I missed a couple, just remember to draw after all Formula summons and all synchroing when Librarian is in play

Formula+Oyster=Token and T.G. Hyper Librarian

Token+Fish= Formula#2 Draw a card ; Formula#2+Oyster=sea dragon lord gishilnodon+Token (Gish is a water and will work with Fishborg) Draw a card

Gish+Fish=Brionac#1 Draw a card ; Reduce Dewloren#1 (thx GE) to level 5 to summon LE ; Bounce LE with Brionac's effect

Dewloren#1(lvl5)+Fish=Dewloren#2 Draw a card

Discard LE to SS Fish

Reduce Dew#2 to level 5 to summon LE ; Bounce LE with Dew's effect ; Repeat to get out the 3rd Dew out Discard the LE to SS Fishborg
Synch Dew#3+Fish=Power Tool Dragon, Draw a card

Use Power Tool's Effect to bring out 3 symbols of heritage (if you already drew into a Symbol then grab a Different Dimension Reincarnation) If you havnt drawn into one then follow the following loop till you have 2-3 symbols in hand

Play Symbols to grab a Dew from the grave

Bounce Symbols and Power Tool with Dew

Discard to SS Fish

Fish+Dew= Power Tool, Draw ; Use the effect of power tool to get your 2nd Symbol

Play Symbol to SS Dew

Bounce Symbol and Power Tool ; Discard to SS Fish

Fish+Token=Formula#3 ; Draw 2x ; Dew+Formula=Stardust ; Draw a card

Reduce Stardust to lvl 7 to ss LE ; Play symbols to ss Formula and Dew

Bounce both Symbols with Dew

LE+Dew+Formula=Trishula ; remove fromplay up to 1 card from opponant's hand field or graveyard. ; Draw a card

Play 2 symbols for Dew and Formla

Bounce Symbols and Trishula with Dew ; Reduce Stardust to SS LE

LE+Dew+Formula=Trishula ; remove fromplay up to 1 card from opponant's hand field or graveyard. ; Draw a card ; Repeat reducing Trishula's level to SS LE untill they have no more cards in hand


Alternate win condition if you have 15 cards in hand, reduce Librarian to SS LE ; Symbol out Formula ; Draw a card ; synch Librarian with Formula for Tempest Magician

Toss the 15 cards for Tempest's effect. 15 plus the counter she gets on summoning  means you can burn for 8000 FTK
Props to Bear (whoever you are) in the OCG for first making me aware of Star Blast and Tempest Magician. 

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