Monday, April 11, 2011

Deck Review: Dopple Chaos

Ok Im a huge fan of fun decks, be it intricate combos, or interesting play styles. But I also love when you have a ton of diversity and options in a deck where each game plays a bit different than the last. Normally this diversity ends up at the expense of competitiveness. Strong tier 1 decks have very simple and straight forward win conditions, but a Dopple Synchro deck with some teched in chaos seems to be a jack of all trades and master of SOME.

Ill go over the build a bit with some description but will follow up this post soon with some common combos: (OMFG Dandylion isnt in the image DONT YOU EFFIN FORGET DANDY!!!)

Card Trooper (2)- a true workhorse can single handily set up a crazy amount of plays, will make sense the more you look at how this deck works

Chaos Sorcerer (3)- This varient mills alot and unless you got POA this guys only use in the grave is to help you summon another one, thus the 3 rather than 2 number. Wanna get crazy SS Sorcerer (remove a faceup monster) SS or summon Glow-Up/Spore/Veiler, synch for Arcanite Magican (use the counters to destroy 2 cards), SS Glow Up Bulb or Spore, Synch for Scrap Dragon and you have the option to use his effect for more destrucion, thats 4 cards and it can be done with out even using up a summon.

D.A.D (1)- with the amount of graveyard control built into this deck DAD can be beast, I would chalk him up as tech and optional in the build but vary rarely do you draw him and are not able to figure a way to summon him.

Dandylion (1)- OK OK I forgot dandy in the picture above. Yeah he got r4ped in the ban list but what are you gonna do? Run him at 1 stop running Quickdraw and let Junk have his moment in the sun.

Debris Dragon (2)- A semi-limit on this card was not a huge set back, he is your go to guys for quick BRD plays heck with dandylion you can even get into shooting star.

Doppelwarrior (2)- this is the guys that took the sting out of Dandy's ban list b-tch slap. And as a dark he also supports DAD and Chaos plays, but also he makes Junk Synchron playable another big dark in the deck. You can test him at 3 but I settled on 2.

Effect Veiler (2)- Two is the standard for this format for most decks but in this deck EV shines. I tested out D.D. Sprite and was mehhhh. EV is not just a 1 star tuner that is light. The effect is a game saver as well.

Glow Up Bulb (1)- GUB is the best daisey headed, cycloptic dirt ball you ever met, he synchs, he mills, he comes back he can be removed for spore. When we get T.G. Hyper Librarian this card = hand advantage. If you don't run him I will cry

Junk Synchron (2)- Run him at 2 or 3 depending on your style I pulled the 3rd for a Lyla or maybe running Ryko at 3. When you look at all that he can bring out with his effect combined with having a doppelwarrior in your hand you brain may lock up going over all the possibilities.

Lonfire Blossom (2)- Lonefire is one of those cards that just adds consistency and sets up big plays and really helps out with chaos since somtimes those dark and light monsters you need in  the grave end up being synchros that lonefire helps you get at fast.

Lyla (1)- is a tech choice and very easily could go into the side for a 3rd ryko or junk. Personally I like the destruction effect and will let her go the end phase to get the mill. Having another light aint to shabby neither and is why I put her in the main rather than the side, for now.

Ryko (2)- NOT only a game saving effect, but a light for Chaos, food for Junk and Debris, a beast for Frozen Fitzgerald, a lightsworn for charge... He mills, he slice, he dices, enjoys long walks on the beach and poetry what more could you ask for

Sangan (1)- Staple, dude searcher for almost all of your monsters

Spore (1)- Comboed with GUB and Lonefire hes amazing even more so when we get Librarian

K Im an idioy I didnt just forget Dandy I forgot One for One as well, I appologize I musta been drinking when I did this.

Charge of the Light Brigade- with 3 targets the card makes sense, milling helps set up so many plays in this deck

Dark Hole/ Trunade- Staples (as is Mind Control in a synmcro heavy deck like this)

Foolish Burial- Helps DAD and Chaos stay alive in your hand, sets up Junk plays, gets you tokens with dandy, GUB and Spore combos, its one of the swiss army knives of the deck

Reborn (1)- is a staple as well and I would have included it in the group above but I wanted to mention how it works with Doppel as well. :)

One For One (1)- Card is broke, it gets you one of your tuners while helping to set up for DAD and Chaos 

Pot of Averice (2)- with the mad milling and synchroing POA will help you recycle synchros, help out DAD and get you some much needed cards

ROTA (1)- You got 4 targets with Junk and Doppel, which is always good even if you dont need them right at that second so that they dont get milled  

COTH / Limit Reverse - both have great synergy with Doppel just like reborn

*I've messed with Decree trap line ups in this deck but honestly I'd rather have the Holy Trinity of 1 judgment and 2 warnings

Trap Stun (2)-  Just works before making big plays and can be more than helpful in certain match ups.

Torrential (1)- Staple

Here's my Extra Deck lineup (with Librarian and Trishshula) Frozen Fitz could go for a 2nd BRD, by the time I get him out Im usually set to do more synchroing so I really dont get to use his effect as much and Magical Android being a Light can come in handy, but Im keeping him for now. I'll get more into the syncros when I post about the combos

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